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$0 to $20 mil in 6 years: Ali Awad on his growth strategies

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Ali shares his growth strategies, including leveraging social media, promoting to one’s network, finding new opportunities, maximizing case value, buying back time, and building a leadership team for firms at various stages, from recently launched to established.
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Learn marketing strategies that will propel your law firm’s growth, no matter its size or stage

Ali Awad leaned heavily on social media marketing in his firm’s early years, but he has moved beyond organic promotion and now devotes substantial dollars to his marketing.

In this interview, Ali shares the growth strategies he has used and recommends for attorneys at varying size levels:

Recently launched
  • Promoting to your sphere of influence
  • The foundational element 
  • How to find more opportunities
  • Getting the most out of social media
  • Playing to your strengths
  • Maximizing case value and speeding turnover
  • Buying back your time
  • Building a leadership team

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Host: Kara Prior
James Amplifier, President

Kara Prior is president of James Publishing and co-founder of James Amplifier. She spends most of her time talking to attorneys about how to improve their marketing results.

Kara has a vast marketing and writing background, working for several newspapers and managing Entrepreneur magazine’s 100,000-member social network before joining James Publishing seven years ago. Kara is co-author of three books: More Referrals from Lawyers, The Most Effective Law Firm Marketing Agencies, and How Small Law Firms Can Obtain More Referrals.

She is the mother of two young boys, and was captain of her Division 1 college swim team.

Guest: Ali Awad
Attorney, CEOLawyer

Ali Jamal Awad, Esq., MBA, founded this firm in 2016 after successfully winning a wide variety of injury claims. In his first year of practice, Mr. Awad settled OVER $1 MILLION in personal injury cases. These included car wrecks, truck accidents, slip and fall cases, medical malpractice, and a highly disputed toxic mold exposure claim.

Mr. Awad has the ability to communicate with clients from all walks of life, as he comes from an immigrant family. He has learned to speak five different languages through his many years of international studies, and takes pride in representing the underrepresented.

In his spare time, Mr. Awad enjoys martial arts training, traveling, and learning new languages. He has a YouTube channel and social media presence (@ceolawyer) dedicated to empowering the public by providing free legal advice.