Small-Town Focus & Broad-Based Marketing Deliver Growth 
with Attorney Josh Hodges


We continue our interview series with successful attorney-marketers where we uncover
what's working, what's not, and how you can get on a similar path to growth.
This Ohio injury and criminal lawyer has found success and growth serving small-town residents in Ohio. His firm has doubled in size over the last two years. He relies on a broad-based marketing approach, using local SEO, lots of reviews, Google ads, Instagram ads, billboards, and organic social media.  

He shares: 
  • His #1 source of new clients
  • ​Clever approach for obtaining local social followers
  • ​Software recommendations 
  • ​Technique for expanding his referral network
  • ​Biggest growth lesson learned 
  • ​Simple way to increase conversions
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Host: Kara Prior, President of James Publishing

Kara Prior is president of James Publishing and co-founder of James’ Marketing Amplifier software program.  

She spends most of her time talking to attorneys about how to improve their marketing results.

Kara has a vast marketing and writing background, working for several newspapers and managing Entrepreneur magazine's 100,000-member social network before joining James Publishing seven years ago. 

Kara is co-author of two books: The Most Effective Law Firm Marketing Agencies, and How Small Law Firms Can Obtain More Referrals. She is the mother of two young boys, and was captain of her Division 1 college swim team.

Guest: Josh Hodges

Josh Hodges stands out as a lawyer due to his unique life experiences. He started his journey in a factory job right after high school, working with hot metal and liquid plastic, enduring long shifts and sleep-deprived days. His determination led him to attend classes at Miami Hamilton while working the night shift, eventually graduating with honors. This hands-on struggle has granted him a valuable perspective that resonates with his clients facing challenging situations. 

Josh's professional journey has also set him apart. Graduating Summa Cum Laude from Salmon P. Chase College of Law, he held leadership roles like Student Bar Association President and National Treasurer of NLLSA. His exceptional academic record secured him a position at a prestigious Midwestern law firm. There, he handled diverse cases, representing large corporations and governmental entities, particularly in civil litigation and personal injury defense. This experience is a rarity among local lawyers, offering a unique advantage to his clients. 

Building on his vast experiences, Josh returned to his hometown, Hamilton, Ohio, to establish his practice. Deeply rooted in the community, he lives with his family in a historic neighborhood. With unwavering dedication, he serves clients across Southwest Ohio, focusing on personal injury law. Beyond legal work, Josh actively supports local businesses and leaders through his engaging social media accounts, embodying his commitment to his beloved community.