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Our Referral System delivers big value for the small-firm price of $595/month:


Everything we provide is branded with your name and contact information, and may be further personalized or customized. Simply tell us what changes are desired and we will make them.


Everything we send in your name is also sent to you and anyone else you designate so that you and your team see exactly what goes out and when.


Our president and chief strategist Kara Prior is always available to you for wide-ranging strategic marketing discussions. Learn from an expert other ways to improve your marketing results and obtain unbiased, sales-pitch-free advice on whether your other marketing dollars are being wisely spent.

Printed Handouts

Softcover book. Impress your most valuable appointments by displaying and distributing your professionally written, designed, and printed book.

Office booklets. Demonstrate your expertise and willingness to assist by making available to prospects your problem-targeted booklets.

Emailed to Past Clients and Contacts

Newsletter. Stay top-of-mind with this helpful and professional bimonthly newsletter sent to your list. You are welcome to supply articles about your big wins, firm developments, or other news. Several hard copies are also mailed to your office.

Office booklets. Demonstrate your expertise and willingness to assist by making available to prospects your problem-targeted booklets.

Postally mailed to prospective professional referral sources

Referral solicitation letters. We create a list of local mental health professionals and rehab centers, and begin contacting them.

Private marketing memos. We include with your outreach letters a series of marketing suggestions so your requests stand out as helpful from the very start of the prospective relationship.

Marketing tips newsletter. To remain top of mind with both active and promising referral sources, we send in your name a series of practical marketing tips aimed at professional practices.

Provided To Your Office

Referrals Tools and Techniques book. We begin our working relationship with a hard copy of our guidebook to obtaining more referrals.

Description of our coming efforts. The Referral book includes a month-by-month description of the referral-generation work we will be doing on your firm’s behalf.

“We appreciate referrals” stickers. The Referral book also contains a strip of stickers you can attach to outgoing documents.

Bimonthly referral tips and strategies. Every other month we send you 2-3 suggestions for further increasing your referrals beyond what our efforts are generating.

Web pages

Referral source page. For prospective referrers who want more information about you and how you handle referrals, we provide this personalized web page with response form.

FAQ sales funnel. Most lawyer websites lack a lead magnet and sales funnel. We have a pre-built version, complete with qualifying questions and follow-up email series.

Build a Referral-Based Law Firm

145 pages of proven, use-them-today tips and tools
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