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How to Obtain More Referrals

Referred prospects are the best leads you can obtain, especially when another lawyer sends them. They come pre-qualified and want to work with you and only you.

Despite their high quality, referrals are rarely pursued in organized fashion by owners of small law firms.  I can help you remedy that.

Improve your referral strategy
Referral guidance tailored to your firm

In 30 minutes I can provide you with a custom plan for increasing the number of referrals your firm receives, both from growing your network and strengthening your referral relationships.

What you can expect during our chat:

    • I will first ask you several questions about the referrals you are receiving, their sources, and what you are doing to obtain those referrals.
    • Then I will make specific, actionable suggestions on how you can steadily grow your referral volume. Many of these steps can be delegated to your team or virtual assistants.
Trusted by dozens of attorneys nationwide to deliver results:

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Free 1:1 Coaching Session
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My team and I have helped dozens of attorneys like you:

  • Set referral goals and systematize their referral efforts
  • Add new referral sources
  • Cultivate new referral relationships
  • Strengthen existing relationships
  • Nurture relationships with past clients

If you own a law firm with $250,000 or more in annual revenue, make an appointment on my calendar for a one-to-one referral coaching session with me.

Kara Prior
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