Fix Your Law Firm’s Marketing

— Custom Videos
— Social Posts
— Branded Content
— Website Additions
— Done-for-You Implementation

Custom Videos

The most effective way to distinguish yourself from your competitors and draw prospects who want to work with you and only you is with explanatory and social videos.

Every month we spend 30 minutes with you on Zoom recording 15-30 second social videos and 2-3 minute website videos. We then edit and post the videos. The content will vary, including FAQs, past case summaries, first meeting descriptions, and more. Despite the difficulty obtaining them, we also shoot, edit, and post high-value client testimonial videos for you.

Social Posts

Social platforms are now a proven marketing channel for lawyers. Some lawyers are generating all of their non-referred clients through one or more social pages. However, you have to post consistently to obtain benefits, as the algorithms punish occasional users.

We post every week on the major platforms for you. As you become adept at your video shoots, we increase the number of those posts which include videos. If you don’t have pages on the major platforms, we create them for you.

Branded Content

We supply you with a large collection of proven marketing content. All of it is contained in our software and automatically sent to your prospects or past clients. You receive:

– 100-300 page branded book
– Dozens of educational booklets
– Monthly 8-page client newsletter
– Shock-and-awe package
– Lead nurturing emails
– New client welcome kit
– New client reassurance emails

Website Additions

In addition to distributing your branded content and custom videos socially, we post them on your website using our innovative Conversion Center.

The Center consists of a corner expansion box, bottom slider, top bar, and exit-intent popup. Use any or all of them to display your client testimonial videos, past case videos, introductory video, 100-300 page book, and multiple booklets. And the Center’s video-supported appointment calendar will help your team talk to more prospective clients.

Done-for-You Implementation

Our recommendations for improving your marketing results will focus on changes that we make for you. For example:

– If we recommend that an additional category of clients be pursued, we will write the needed promotional materials and funnels.
– If we suggest a new category of referral partners, we will set up introductory appointments for you with interested professionals.
– If you are using a subpar vendor, we will recommend a quality replacement and set up the initial discussion.
– If your conversion funnel is lacking, we will supply a replacement, complete with descriptive video.

We Serve 7 Specialties

Business Litigation
Personal Injury
Social Security Disability

What our subscribers are saying:

"We did not expect an entire team of folks to not only support the product subscription but to have regular contact including interactive mentoring workshops to help us gain the most from our subscription. We subscribed thinking we knew what we were getting – we have received so much more..."

Ed Oman, disability lawyer • Raleigh, NC

"I met with a potential client who didn’t sign during our meeting. Once I put him in the prospective client nurturing series, he began moving forward."

James Jones, estate planning lawyer • Tacoma, WA

"I am thrilled with the entire team. Whenever I have asked for help or questioned something, the entire team has been there for me. I do not look at James Publishing as a vendor, rather, they are part of my team to help get me to the next level and beyond."

Andy Rosenberg, injury lawyer • Coral Springs, FL

"Overall we have been blown away with the quality of the materials and services James Publishing has provided. Our shareholders have both come to me raving about the lead generation systems and have had nothing but positive things to say about their experience."

Diane Duran, bankruptcy lawyer • Albuquerque, NM

"We had a potential client who almost slipped away. He ignored several of our follow-up calls and emails and I was in the process of closing the case out of our pending client system. As a last thought, I sent him the James booklet about the pitfalls of working your own case and about insurance company tactics. The next day he called our office and signed the retainer."

Andrew Nissen, injury lawyer • Laguna Niguel, CA

"You guys provide SO MUCH CONTENT. There’s no way anyone can write this stuff and create these pieces on their own. There just isn’t enough time in the day!"

Kristina Shands, marketing manager for Jedidiah McKeehan, general practice • Knoxville, TN

"The newsletters and other publications have met with near-unanimous approval from our clients and networking partners."

John Stokes, injury lawyer • Gainesville, FL

"We like the content of the program in addition to the simplicity of it. I really appreciate that we do not have to put the content together and then email it out. It has added an extra method of advertising for us without bogging us down with extra things to do."

Andrew Traub, injury lawyer • Austin, TX