Meet the Team

Learn a bit about the team behind James Marketing Amplifier


Kara Prior

More About Kara

As the president of James Publishing, I have the pleasure of partnering with our top-notch team to maximize our attorney subscribers’ marketing results. I host weekly educational presentations and interviews with leading legal industry experts. Before joining James 8 years ago, I traveled the country conducting video interviews with top startup founders for Entrepreneur magazine.

My husband and I love taking our two young boys on outdoor adventures like camping, trips to the beach, and long runs. I also enjoy cooking and entertaining.

Mike Margol

Vice President
More About Mike

I’ve called James Publishing my home for the past 15 years. As vice president, I primarily focus on outreach for our Marketing Amplifier program, ensuring new subscribers hit the ground running and that long-term subscribers are happy. I also handle finance, human resources, and general business operations for the company.

I’m a competitive runner and race 5Ks, 10Ks, and half marathons. When not working or running, my wife and I enjoy pro wrestling, craft beer, music, geek culture, and hosting friends.


Abby Pittman

Head of Customer Experience
More About Abby

I love working with my clients! I help clients shoot their videos, help onboard them to the program and continually check in with them. One of my favorite things about my job is how creative and innovative we get to be when coming up with new ideas and features for our program!

I am simultaneously attending Rocky Mountain School of Art + Design to obtain a degree in sustainable interior design, so when I am not in the office, I am often working on homework for my classes. At home, I am blasting Taylor Swift while either reading fantasy or romance novels, doing something creative, or playing with my two kitties, while my husband plays video games in the background.

Riley Fields

Director of Customer Success
More About Riley

As the Director of Customer Success, I help attorneys with questions about the system, and provide support to our day-to-day Customer Success operations. Whether it be onboarding, interviewing attorneys, or even helping with technical problems I am here to make attorneys’ experience with James Marketing Amplifier a positive one.

I enjoy baking sweet treats, playing with my Dachshund, Wally, reading nonfiction books, and I make fibers and video art.

Nick Galaura

Customer Success Manager
More About Nick

I build and maintain portal integrations, connecting your CRM to the James Marketing Amplifier Portal. I am here to answer any questions about the operation and functionality of your software with ours and insuring the automatic delivery of your Prospect, New Client, and Past Client swimlane campaigns.

I am a tattooer/painter in San Diego County as well as a hired musician/recording engineer. I also enjoy growing bonsai and playing Street Fighter.

Cole Veloz

Production Assistant
More About Cole

I am a production assistant. I help with the account set up process after signing on new subscribers. I also assist in Video editing as well as general upkeep on subscribers accounts.

I enjoy spending time with my wife, my two cats Ella and Binx, playing video games (when I get the chance), and cooking.

Krista Jerzakowski

Production Assistant
More About Krista

I am a production assistant. I assist in video editing, email campaigns, designing newsletters, finding prospects for clients and anything else anyone needs help with. Need assistance to get something done? I’m your guy!

In my free time I love to cook, especially trying new dishes. I also enjoy drawing, exploring new places with friends, reading, and singing karaoke.

Nate Snow

Video Production Editor
More About Nate

As the title Video Production Editor might suggest, I’m responsible for editing videos. I spruce up your footage with awesome graphics, tasteful color correction, and sweeten the audio for an optimal viewing experience.

When I’m not at work, I enjoy writing songs, playing board games with friends, and taking long walks around my neighborhood.


Carly Shelton

Marketing Director
More About Carly

I’ve been at James for over 6 years handling all things marketing: generating a steady flow of leads, creating engaging content, designing eye-catching graphics, enhancing our websites and balancing our robust marketing calendar. I take a creative, meticulously detail-oriented approach to every project.

I’m an avid nonfiction reader and an adventurous baker, but most of my free time is spent catering to my boss dog, Clementine. Her favorite place to visit is the park, where she can scare unsuspecting birds and bark at innocent passersby.

Julie Anne Ines

More About Julie Anne

I’m a law, design, tech, and processes nerd who works with the editorial, design, and video production teams to ensure that your print and video content is accurate and looks really, really good. I got my start with the company’s publishing operations, where I continue to work with the editorial, sales, customer service, and fulfillment teams.

I enjoy kickboxing, singing, playing the piano and ukulele, reading, musical theater, and exploring the world through different cuisines by cooking (and eating!). My husband and I also like hiking Southern California’s trails, playing tennis, starting spontaneous karaoke sessions, and visiting/learning about obscure historic places.

Nancy Russell

More About Nancy

I’m an editor on the publishing side of James Publishing who edits, typesets, and finalizes the books for publication, as well as helping out with other admin tasks. On the Amplifier side, I help out with video editing, designing newsletter layouts, writing newsletter articles, and coordinating newsletter content.

I enjoy growing flowers and vegetables at my local community garden, exploring the outdoors, reading, painting, archery, and spending time with my pet bunny rabbit.


Stacey Stallard

Outreach Manager
More About Stacey

I currently oversee the Tele-Outreach efforts for James Marketing Amplifier. Whether it is for the Referral Partner Program, Lead Follow-up or Promo Partner efforts you have more than likely heard my voice in your inbox. And yes; I am that perky. I owe it all to coffee. I believe wholeheartedly in genuine business relationships and it is my pleasure to go the extra mile to maintain those relationships.

I am an Olympic level Stream Queen and admittedly watch far too much Netflix. I have a passion for the transformative power of stories and am currently working on a podcast exploring themes in popular entertainment. Just in case you are wondering, if you want to reach me outside of work you had better text. I don’t use my phone for calls.

Gary Tosti

Outreach Specialist
More About Gary

“Fortune Is In The Follow Up”
I believe it & that’s what I do. I contact attorneys to schedule a demo of our Marketing Amplifier System, potential prospects for our clients to build referral relationships, lead magnet prospects to schedule an appointment with our clients, and clients to schedule meetings with our customer success team.

My wife and I enjoy interacting with our 9 grandkids, all winners of course! And they get to hear us promote healthy eating, like the evils of sugar, and using natural remedies (LOL). Music is a missed past profession. So, I get lost in listening to Baroque and Classical music as well as Soul, Funk, and Fusion Jazz genres.