$695/month brings you one of these 5 labor-intensive call services plus the core features.
The program is 90% done for you.

Optional add-ons

Choose one at no extra cost.
Want more than one? Add $300/month each.

1. Dedicated strategist

Speak monthly with our president or VP, and receive personalized advice on how to improve your marketing results.

2. Lead revival calls

Give us your abandoned leads and our follow-up experts will pursue appointments with the qualified prospects.

3. Masked prospect calls

How many leads are you losing due to poor phone work? Our sales experts will record and grade their experiences with your intake team.

4. Referral partner calls

We will build a list of prospective local referral sources, and set two phone appointments every quarter for you with interested professionals.

5. Zoom video shoots

From one hour-long Zoom call every quarter with you, we will deliver a professional, custom, slide-supported video every month.

Core features

Included in your $695/month subscription.

1. Prospect campaigns

Wow and convert more leads with our: shock-and-awe package, 100-300 page branded book, dozens of booklets, stock videos, practice brochures & lengthy nurturing series.

4. Website additions

FAQ popup engages more website visitors, gathers their contact information, answers qualifying questions, and instantly emails everything to you.

2. Social posts

Attract more prospects with our weekly posts that include links to educational booklets and videos, or entertain with attractive images and content.

5. Client campaigns

Create a strong first impression with an educational welcome kit and reassurance series, then maintain those good feelings with a helpful monthly newsletter.

3. Online reviews

Generate more 4 and 5-star reviews with our survey/request combination, and have them posted on your website for an extra boost.

6. White glove service

Email or call our customer success team for prompt assistance. But with our program being 90% done for you, you shouldn’t need much help or guidance.

Save with Marketing Amplifier

Amplifier’s core features can replace your:

— CRM software cost
— Newsletter expenses
— Online review software
— Social posting software and work

And depending on what add-on(s) you select, your:

— Lead follow-up work
— Mystery shopping service
— Networking events
— Video production costs