Want help building a social following?

Growing a social media account requires two elements:
1. High-view topics, engagingly headlined
and concisely delivered
2. Knowledgeable boosting of your
best-performing videos
What works on social media
After scripting, shooting, editing, and posting thousands of social videos for lawyers, and boosting hundreds of those videos using our own dollars, we know what works and the key variables.
We also know what does not matter.
Unimportant Variables

Contrary to what many lawyers think, your social media viewers do not care:

  • What you look or sound like
  • Whether your vocal delivery is lively or flat
  • Whether you move around or remain still
  • If you are wearing lawyer attire
Important Variables

Instead, what will materially affect your views are:

  • Whether your topics affect viewers’ lives
  • What information you provide on those topics
  • Whether you start strong and finish quickly
  • What boosting is provided
We know social media content for lawyers.

Views Added

Custom Videos Filmed

Social Media Video Scripts

High-view scripts and efficient shoots

As a result, what you should care about when you seek help growing your social media presence are:

Are the topics in one of the 20+ legally-related categories that we know work well for lawyers?  Are you comfortable talking about those topics?  Are the scripts engagingly-headlined?  Do the scripts move quickly through the subject and, most important, provide value to the viewer?


How much of your time is required?  Do you need to practice beforehand, or can you instead read the script from a teleprompter?  Is a dedicated video director provided?  How often do you have to shoot?

Proven, Streamlined Approach

Social Media Marketing for Attorneys

Our social media service for lawyers is effective, efficient, and affordable. We:

  • Require your presence for only 45 minutes each month
  • Have hundreds of scripts on dozens of high-view topics 
  • Provide the ones agreed upon in advance of your shoot
  • Shoot remotely in your office or home
  • Display your scripts on a teleprompter 
  • Provide guidance from a dedicated and experienced video director
  • Produce a mix of custom and branded videos and carousels
  • Post most every weekday on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and YouTube
  • Create for you any new profiles on these platforms required
  • Pay $200/month to boost your popular videos

Affordable, Low-Risk Offer

We provide all this for $1,695/month.  You need only commit to 3 months of service, which we need to show you what we can deliver.  If you cancel, you keep everything posted.

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