Social Media Recommendations from 11 Attorney-Marketers
Most every Wednesday I interview a successful attorney-marketer.  

This free 26-page booklet summarizes the most helpful suggestions for improving social media results that I heard from:

  • Ali Awad ($20 mil firm in less than 6 years, all from social media)
  • Nima Etemadian (tripled revenue last year, same pace this year)
  • ​Justin Lovely (big motorcycle brand, team of 20)
  • ​Jason Melton (14,000 Instagram followers in less than a year)
  • ​Mike Morse ($150 mil in settlements, 170 people)
  • ​Kyle Newman (25% of established firm’s cases from social media)
  • Tina Odjaghian (TBI-focused team of 15, 558,000 Instagram followers)
  • Narimon Pishnamaz (109,000 Instagram and 205,000 TikTok followers in less than 2 years)
  • Brett Sachs (team of 50, 2x’d revenue last year)
  • Robert Simon (team of 75, $100 mil revenues, 119,000 Instagram followers)
  • Marc Wasserman (458,000 Instagram followers, $0 marketing spend)
If you are active on social media, or would like to generate clients from social media like all of these attorneys are doing, this booklet will give your efforts a sizable boost. Why experiment when you can follow what is working for these social pros?
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