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  • 16-20 social videos each month
  • Scripted, edited, captioned and posted
  • Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and TikTok
  • ​Popular videos boosted at our expense
  • ​Ads offering booklets using tailored sales funnels
  • All from a 45-minute remote monthly shoot​
Ready to add the hottest marketing channel?
After remotely shooting hundreds of lawyer videos, we have the process streamlined into an effective process that only requires you to once-a-month:

1. Take 15 minutes to review our scripts and practice reading them aloud before our shoot
2. Spend 45 minutes reading the scripts from our teleprompter while we virtually record

That’s it. You give us one hour per month and we will create a major social presence for you on multiple social platforms that includes:

– Robust profiles. If you don’t have profiles on the major social platforms, we will create them for you. If you do have them, we will add content, including story highlights with cover icons and names, and bio links to booklets and conversion pages.

– 100% supported. We mail you a ring light and phone stand. We then match you with a dedicated video director who will walk you through setup for your first shoot, send you scripts in advance, answer questions and lead each subsequent monthly shoot.

– 4-5 weekly posts. Depending on your initial proficiency, each month we will shoot enough footage to post four or five videos every week. By your third or fourth shoot you should be able to sail through all the scripts and produce all the footage we need to post five days/week.

– Videos, not photos. Videos are more effective at driving views, likes, and comments than photos, so that is what we create for you. As you get more comfortable in front of the camera, your videos will become more varied.

– 4 major social platforms. We begin with Instagram and Facebook, and then add YouTube and TikTok. We stagger their addition so we can use previously-shot videos for most of the posts, while also custom creating some tailored ones.

– Lead magnets plus. We periodically post ads offering educational booklets branded with your name and contact information. Clicking the ads takes viewers to tailored sales funnels which, after providing the booklets, suggest calling your firm and follows up with nurturing emails.

– Boosting on us. After a couple shoots, several of your videos should have generated substantial views. We put some of our money behind the popular ones, targeting the geographic areas you serve. This paid advertising will materially increase your follower count.
Marketing Amplifier costs $1,495/month. There are no setup fees or other charges. You may cancel anytime after 3 months, which we need to show you the robust social presence we can deliver.

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