Why Us?

The most efficient and affordable way to build a robust social presence


Generating topics, writing scripts, shooting footage, editing segments, adding captions, and posting 20 videos on multiple platforms in-house will likely take you and your team 80+ hours/month.

Your time alone, even with the support of a competent media team, will probably be 10+ hours/month.  

Our program requires only one hour a month from you.  Once you have done several shoots with us, you can probably trim that time to 45 minutes.  Our fastest subscribers complete their shoots in 30 minutes.

Highly Affordable

On-site video shoots typically cost $10,000 to much, much more.  And they usually result in fewer than a dozen videos.

Every month our program provides 20 custom videos and posts for $1,695.  

Done For You

We take care of everything.  We begin by sending you a phone stand, ring light, and scripts for your first shoot.  You and your dedicated video director schedule a regular day and time for your hour-long remote shoots.

At your first shoot, your director walks you through setup and coaches you as you read the scripts from the teleprompter.  Upon completion, our team edits, add captions, and posts every weekday, beginning with Facebook and Instagram, and later YouTube and TikTok.

Ongoing Guidance

We have shot hundreds of social videos for lawyers, and know how to get the job done – efficiently and enjoyably.  We will explain what works on social media and why, and help you produce it.