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Ali Awad’s Best Social Media Marketing Tips
27 pages, 12/1/22.  Ali Awad is considered by most to be the #1 social marketer in the legal world.  In less than 6 years he has built a 50-person, $20 million law firm using social media as his primary marketing channel.  We interviewed Ali 3 times in 2022 for nearly an hour each time.  He provided a wealth of practical information in every session.  Reading the transcripts of those interviews would be a lengthy endeavor, so I have condensed his most valuable teachings into this quick-reading booklet.  

26 Marketing Ideas for Injury Lawyers
44 pages, 10/24/22.  This quick-reading list contains 26 marketing techniques used by 20 owners of fast-growing injury firms, including:
– Signing 90+% of wanted leads can be done.
– 7 retained injury cases from one low-cost, do-good event.
– Getting a larger number of local leads from your social media.
– Using videos to obtain mass tort cases for free.
3 ways to increase your client referrals.
– Landing new referral partners without leaving your office.
– The networking group delivering $300,000 annually in attorney’s fees.
And 19 more

Takeaways from My Interviews of 20 Successful Attorney-Marketers
26 pages, 9/13/22.  Cumulatively, the knowledge and techniques described by my interviewees are a sizable reservoir of marketing ideas.  To help you tap that reservoir, I have listed what I consider the most valuable information provided under each of my first 20 interviews, along with a link to the interview recording.  

When you come across a growth tactic that you have not yet taken advantage of and may fit your firm, you can listen to the recording to hear the interviewee’s advice in his or her own words.

How I Get Clients
22 pages, 7/13/22.  The surest way to add another successful marketing channel to your law firm’s arsenal is to adapt what is working for other lawyers.  This quick-reading idea sourcebook for you to pull your next winning technique from includes details on:

  • Digitally creating referral relationships with heavy hitters
  • Making the phone ring through community support
  • Pulling quality leads from Instagram
  • Obtaining value from leads others reject
  • Finding mass tort clients with YouTube
  • Obtaining more referrals from past clients
  • Offering do-it-yourself packages
  • Data-driven content, optimization, and funnels
  • Sending team members to outdoor events

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The Best Tips from Successful Attorney-Marketers #3
51 pages, 10/6/22

What’s Working in Attorney Marketing #4
56 pages, 9/27/22

Social Media Recommendations from 11 Attorney-Marketers
26 pages, 9/19/22

Creating Great Legal Videos
81 pages, 6/24/22

What’s Working in Attorney Marketing #3
42 pages, 5/26/22

What’s Working in Attorney Marketing #2
31 pages, 4/3/22

Social Media Tips for Lawyers from Ali Awad
15 pages, 1/29/22

How to Fill Your Law Firm’s Marketing Gaps
196 pages, 1/27/22

Law Firm Newsletter Swipe File
412 pages, 9/26/21

Grow WIth Kara

Every week, president of James Publishing & Amplifier, Kara Prior, interviews successful attorney-marketers to uncover what’s working, what’s not, and how you can get on a similar path to growth.

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Grow and Nurture Your Referral Network

Referrals, whether from professionals, past clients, or both, can be a major source of new business for your law firm. But you have to be intentional about obtaining those referrals to maximize their potential.

That requires:

  • steadily adding sources to your professional network,
  • nurturing those new relationships, and
  • staying in front of your past clients.

We help you with all three tasks. Our Referral Amplifier provides:

  • Quarterly follow-up calls with the productive or promising new partners
  • Regularly-updated custom referral expansion plan
  • 1:1 coaching on obtaining more referrals from your growing network
  • Thank-you cards to the new referral partners
  • Explanatory referral web page and video, with video testimonials
  • A branded monthly newsletter emailed to past clients
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