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Looking to supercharge your social media?

Building a social media presence can be intimidating. These concerns arise:

– How much time will it take?
– Do I have to shoot a bunch of new topics every week?
– I am not comfortable in front of a camera.
– Who will edit and post the videos?
– Will I quickly run out of topics?

We have a time-tested social media management program for lawyers that eliminates all of these issues, and best of all, only requires an average of 45 minutes a month of your time. Here is how it works.

How We Help Attorneys
Increase Their Social Media Reach and Following

Advance preparation

  • We recommend several of the 18 popular topic categories we have identified. You select a couple.
  • We provide you a half dozen scripts in your chosen topics. You make any changes desired.
  • We mail you a complimentary ring light and phone stand.

Guided virtual shoots

  • We recommend several of the 18 popular topic categories we have identified. You select a couple.
  • Following the instructions of our video director, you adjust your office or home setting.
  • You read our scripts as they scroll across your phone screen.
  • Any rough takes are re-shot, and you are done in 30-60 minutes.

Editing and posting

  • We polish the footage, adding captions, illustrations, and sometimes music.
  • We build a collection of custom videos, educational carousels, and branded videos.
  • We create any social profiles you are missing.
  • We post most every weekday on your Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and
    YouTube pages.


  • We invest $150-200/month of our money promoting your most popular videos.
  • They are targeted to local viewers with the demographics of your ideal clients.
  • These boosts deliver material increases in views, followers, and engagement.

Reporting and coaching

  • We regularly report the social growth we are seeing.
  • We nudge you to respond to the promising comments and DMs.
  • We guide you to techniques and topics that can further enhance progress.

Bonus: Client testimonials

  • If you give us contact info for clients who were happy with your service, we will attempt to schedule a video shoot. Not everyone agrees, but some do.
  • We then shoot as detailed a testimonial as the client will provide.
  • After editing and captioning, we post the client videos on your social profiles. (We recommend you also place the videos on your website, as they can be highly persuasive.)
Need Help Getting Started?
We Help You Film, Edit, and Post Engaging Social Media Content

We have conducted hundreds of virtual shoots for lawyers, and posted thousands of videos. Our approach is efficient, effective, and affordable.

Our Social Amplifier service costs $1,695/month. There are no setup fees or other charges. You may cancel anytime after 3 months, which we need to show you the robust social presence we can deliver.

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Do these videos really work?

We’ve worked with hundreds of legal professionals on thousands of social media videos. Our proven video marketing program for lawyers consistently generates remarkable view counts, interactions, credibility, and brand awareness. Check out some of our subscribers’ amazing results.

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What our subscribers are saying about Social Amplifier

“We’re getting more followers, and the organic interactions have been off the charts.”

Case Barnett, Attorney
Personal Injury

“When we ask clients how they heard about us, they say they saw our videos on Instagram and Facebook.“

Travis Christiansen, Attorney
Estates and Family

“The client testimonial videos would help any firm out.”

Scott Brown, Attorney
Estates and Family

“I love how easy they make it in just 30 minutes a month.”

Will Stafford, Attorney

“The only videos I’ve been able to do are with James Publishing.”

Michael packard, Attorney
Personal Injury

“It has added an extra method of advertising.”

Andrew Traub, Attorney
Personal Injury

“We had fallen behind and are now ahead of our competitors.”

Justin Bice, Attorney
Personal Injury

“We have received positive feedback from viewers.”

Chris Gatton, Attorney

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