I love having Marketing Amplifier. I have gotten several cases from it. Whoever thought it up — genius!

Paul Samakow, VA & MD personal injury lawyer

Small law firms:

Boost your marketing response.

Receive more referrals.

Obtain strategic guidance.

Marketing Amplifier is a content-included, software-supported,
affordably-priced, legal marketing service that is 90% done-for-you.

Are you:
— Receiving too many unqualified leads?
— Losing good prospects to other lawyers?
— Not receiving many referrals from past clients and professional sources?
— Spending too much on marketing for too little return?
— Unsure about how to improve your marketing results?
Marketing Amplifier’s software-enabled content and services will:
  1. Engage website and social visitors
  2. Impress and nurture prospects
  3. Welcome and reassure new clients
  4. Keep you memorable and referrable with past clients
  5. Solicit and cultivate new referral partners
  6. Teach you effective new marketing techniques

1. Engage website and social visitors

Using custom and branded videos, social posts, popups, and resource pages, we attract and engage more of your visitors, whether to your website or your social profiles.

Not yet on Facebook and LinkedIn? We will create profiles for you and keep them active.

2. Impress and nurture prospects

After engaging these new prospects, we wow them with your branded shock-and-awe package that includes your 100-300 page book.

For those not ready to take action, we keep them learning and repeatedly demonstrate your expertise with a lengthy, educational series of emails.

3. Welcome and reassure new clients

Your selling shouldn’t stop when a prospect signs. Maintain your strong first impression with our branded welcome kit.

Then fill the gap between signing and visible work with our educational reassurance series that explains the work being done behind the scenes and the process ahead.

4. Keep you memorable and referrable with past clients

Yes, you know you should stay in touch with your past clients or they will forget you. But are you?

Our monthly newsletter, focused on smarter living and fully branded with your name and contact information, will ensure that you stay top of mind and continue providing value to your past clients.

5. Meet and cultivate new referral partners

We have developed a highly-effective approach for identifying prospective professional referral partners and setting phone appointments with them.

We do the hard prospecting work; you just need to show up for the call and determine whether the fit is there.

6. Teach you effective new marketing techniques

Too many small-firm owners are online-marketing novices, and have not yet adopted best marketing practices.

Our monthly virtual roundtables explain what your efforts are missing and how to fill the gaps. No selling; just unbiased, proven marketing advice from an expert.

Marketing Amplifier includes:

Client Cultivation
Welcome kit, reassurance series, and monthly newsletter

Monthly small-group call plus email access to your strategist

Content Library
100-300 page book and dozens of 4-40 page booklets

Custom Videos
Quarterly Zoom shoots, scripts, slides, editing, and posting

Prospect Nurturing
Shock-and-awe package, nurturing series, automated sending

Referral Outreach
Prospect list creation, solicitation calls, two appointments per quarter, and follow-up materials

Social Posts
Automated weekly posts on Facebook and LinkedIn of engaging and educational content

Website Additions
FAQ popup with follow-ups, and page of resource materials

Proven effective
for multiple specialties

I have already gotten two clients from the referral partner calls that you scheduled.

Liz Alpert, family lawyer Sarasota, FL

Your referral program is awesome! I have already started referral relationships with several attorneys outside my practice area as well as several allied professionals. Your program takes the work out of it for me. We review the list of possibilities together, then you do the legwork of setting the appointments. Whether I meet with referral partners in person or via phone, the results have been great. And thanks for all the spectacular, professional publications you provide to support the program.

Richard Hall, general practitioner Auburn, CA

We had a potential client who almost slipped away. He thought he could get it settled himself with the insurance company. He ignored several of our follow-up calls and emails and I was in the process of closing the case out of our pending client system. As a last thought, I sent him the James booklet about the pitfalls of working your own case and about insurance company tactics. The next day he called our office and signed the retainer.

Andrew Nissen, injury lawyer Laguna Niguel, CA

You guys provide SO MUCH CONTENT. There’s no way anyone can write this stuff and create these pieces on their own. There just isn’t enough time in the day!

Kristina Shands, marketing manager for Jedidiah McKeehan, general practice Knoxville, TN

The newsletters and other publications have met with near-unanimous approval from our clients and networking partners.

John Stokes, injury lawyer Gainesville, FL