Conference Support

How To Sign-In to the Whova Web App

1. Navigate to the Whova web app
If you’ve used Whova in the past, please use the email that you’ve used previously to sign in to Whova.
If you don’t have a Whova login, you will need to sign up for a Whova account with the same email that you used to register for the conference.

2. Once signed in, you will have successfully joined the conference.

3. Note that if you are attempting to join the conference with an unregistered email you will see the following error message: “This email is not on the attendee list. If you are a registered attendee, please contact the event organizers to add you to the attendee list. Have an invitation code? You can sign into the event from our mobile app. Click here to get the download link.”
— Please email or, and our team will help you immediately login to the conference.

Whova Web App Overview

1. Once you have logged in you will be directed to the main conference home page. You will see the conference areas on the left-hand side of the screen.
Agenda: This tab will take you to all the scheduled presentations for the two-day conference.
Attendees: This tab will show you all the participating attendees, speakers, and exhibitors for the conference. You may message individual attendees, speakers, and exhibitors by selecting “Send Message” under the profile name.
Community: This tab will display topics currently being discussed by attendees. Feel free to join the many ongoing conversations or start your own!
Exhibitors/Sponsors: These tabs will allow you to learn more about conference exhibitors and sponsors, as well as register interest in the special offers that they are offering to conference attendees.
Messages: This tab will show any messages that you have received and/or responded to from conference attendees, speakers, or organizers.
How to Use the Agenda to Attend Presentations

1. Navigate to the “Agenda” tab in the web app on the left-hand side of the page.
2. You will see the scheduled sessions for each day of the conference under their respective tabs.
— Before the scheduled time of the presentation, you may select “Add to My Agenda” to add the presentation to the “My Agenda” section found on the same page, with the option to add to your personal Google calendar. This feature will allow you to build out your schedule pre-conference.
— At the scheduled time of the presentation, click on “View Session.”
3. Videos will be available 5 minutes before their scheduled time. If you arrived before then, you will see the following message: “The organizer set the video link to be available on [DATE/TIME] in your local time. Please come back later to attend this session.”
4. During the duration of the video, we encourage you to engage with other attendees and the conference organizers/speakers using the “Session Q&A” chat box on the right-hand side of the screen. We may select questions in the chat to highlight during the Live Q&A immediately following the session.
5. To access the Live Q&A, navigate to “Subsessions” below the presentation video at the scheduled time.
Viewing a Presentation
How to Attend the Live Q&A After a Presentation
How to Use the Q&A and Chat Features

1. During each presentation, you may interact with other attendees and speakers using the “Session Q&A” and “Chat” features.
2. The “Session Q&A” tab will queue your question up for the Live Q&A session after the main presentation.
3. The “Chat” tab will allow you to chat live with the presenter and other conference attendees.
4. The “Community” tab is also available to you if you want to connect with other attendees by scheduling a one-on-one or small live group virtual meeting post-presentation.
Connecting with Participants
Attendees Tab Overview

1. The “Attendees” tab in the Whova web app helps you view other conference attendees.
2. You can browse attendees by name or search for specific attendees using the search bar.
3. To view individual attendee profiles and to message other attendees, please download and login to the Whova mobile app.
Community Tab Overview

1. The “Community” tab allows you to see what topics are currently being discussed throughout the conference.
2. We encourage participants to actively participate by asking or answering questions, or even generating their own topics.
3. Ask Organizers Anything: Feel free to reach out to the conference organization team with any questions you may have before and during the conference.
4. Organizer Announcements: Conference organizers will post conference updates and/or announcements before and during the conference.
5. Meet-ups & Virtual Meets: Participants may connect one-on-one or with like-minded groups using this feature.
— Navigate to “Meet-ups & Virtual Meets” under the “Community” tab.
— Select “Suggest a Meet.”
— Select “Virtual Meet.”
— Type in a “Title” and “Description” for your meetup.
— Select a “Virtual meeting option.” You may use a personal Zoom account, host the virtual meeting directly in Whova with Whova’s virtual meet room, or use another meeting provider.
— Select a “Duration.”
— Select a “Date & Time.”
— Select your “Time zone.”
— Select “Submit.”
— Your virtual meet will be published under the “Meet-ups” section
— You may share your meeting link by navigating to “Join meeting room,” copying the meeting link, and sharing via your preferred method.
Exhibitor Tab Overview

1. Each speaker during the conference hosts their own virtual “Exhibitor” booth, which can be found under the “Exhibitor” tab.
2. Under each exhibitor, you’ll be able to learn more about special offers for conference attendees, chat with exhibitors, and express your interest in conference offers by submitting your contact information.
3. Once your contact information has been submitted, the exhibitor will reach out to you post-conference to answer any questions you may have.
Sponsor Tab Overview