Schedule more appointments

from the same lead volume

Small law firms are notoriously bad at following up their leads. Most don’t:

— Call often or long enough before giving up
— Distinguish themselves with wow materials
— Build familiarity and trust with videos
— Check back later to learn if the prospect is now ready
— Stay memorable by nurturing the undecided leads

Fixing these lead follow-up failures will generate more appointments from the same number of leads. For many firms, more phone calls alone will deliver additional appointments.

Our Appointment-Generating Work

We will make those phone calls for you, and will:

— Add engagement materials to your website
— Impress your prospects with a beefy shock-and-awe package
— Lift their trust-and-respect level with custom videos
— Demonstrate your expertise and keep you front and center with a lengthy and educational nurturing series

We also help increase your lead flow by:

— Setting appointments with prospective referral partners
— Posting weekly on your Facebook and LinkedIn profiles
— Keeping you memorable with a monthly newsletter for past clients
— Teaching you effective and new marketing techniques

Quick Demo Video
See how our 90% done-for-you Content+Conversion program works to schedule more appointments with qualified prospects.
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1. Price, obligation. The program costs $895/month. It has a 3-month minimum commitment so it has a chance to begin delivering results.

2. Not for every firm. You need to average at least 5 unconverted leads a month for us to work if we are going to have a chance of scheduling more appointments for you. 10-20 is ideal.

3. Multiple elements. We have only described a portion of what you receive in the Content+Conversion program. We recommend a live 20-minute demo, which you can schedule by completing the form below.

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