Criminal Content Library



This 180-pager digs deep into the questions and issues facing prospects, including:

— Your journey through the criminal justice system
— Bail and pretrial release
— Plea bargains
— Challenging the evidence against you before trial
— Trial

The book is fully branded in your name, complete with your photo, bio, and contact information.



32 criminal booklets 4-20 pages long can be branded in your name and promoted on your website, in automated email campaigns, and from your social profiles.

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Monthly Newsletters

Remain top of mind and referrable with these engaging 8-page digital issues that are auto-sent monthly to your list of past clients. Some lawyers also choose to include current clients.

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Distinguish your practice with custom videos that build trust, create familiarity, and demonstrate expertise.

We offer a variety of custom criminal law oriented videos, beginning with: intro, past-case, FAQs, testimonials, and niches.

Action List: What to Do When a Loved One Is Arrested
FAQ: The Police Are At The Door
FAQ: The Police Didn’t Read Me My Rights
FAQ: Bail
How a Lawyer Can Help Your Loved One Make Bail
5 Ways to Challenge Eyewitness Identification
FAQ: When Can Police Search You?
Client Testimonial
Action List: When Your Loved One Calls from Jail

​High Value

​Not only is the criminal version of Marketing Amplifier affordable, it also will not intrude upon your work hours. You need only set aside 30 minutes/month for the Zoom video shoots and we will take care of everything else. Click below to schedule a call with President Kara Prior.​