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Referral Amplifier

From professionals: We set phone appointments for you with new sources, strengthen your relationships with new and existing sources, and send thank-you cards as new referrals arrive.

From past clients: We keep you memorable and referable with an engaging monthly newsletter emailed to your list.

Referrals, whether from professionals, past clients, or both, can be a major source of new business for your law firm.  

Those sources are material for most of the nearly 100 successful law firm founders I have interviewed, and nearly all said their referred prospects are higher-quality than leads from other channels.

But you have to be intentional about obtaining those referrals to maximize their potential.  That requires:
  1. steadily adding sources to your professional network,
  2. nurturing those new relationships, and 
  3. staying in front of your past clients.  
We help you with all three tasks.  Our Referral Amplifier service provides:

Phone appointments with prospective local professional referral sources

  • Quarterly follow-up calls with the productive or promising new partners
  • Regularly-updated custom referral expansion plan
  • 1:1 coaching on obtaining more referrals from your growing network
  • Thank-you cards to the new referral partners
  • Explanatory referral web page and video, with video testimonials 
  • A branded monthly newsletter emailed to past clients
We have set hundreds of appointments for dozens of lawyers, expanding their referral networks and increasing their new-client flow.  We can do the same for you.


Referral Amplifier

Our Referral Amplifier service costs only $1,695/month.  There are no setup fees or other charges.  You may cancel anytime after 3 months, and you keep all your new referral partners.

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