How Do You Help Me Stay in Touch with My New Law Referral Partners?

Establishing referral partnerships is similar to creating new friendships.

You meet someone new, find you have common interests, and resolve to get together soon. Then work and life get in the way, you never meet up, and that promising new friendship never gets started.

However, if you stay in touch after your first meeting with a potential new friend using email and phone, and provide assistance in several ways, that friendship is likely to deepen even though you haven’t yet had an opportunity to meet up a second time.

New referral relationships work the same way. Neglected, they wither; nourished, they can thrive even without meetings.

Because we have found that our Referral System subscribers don’t have much time to cultivate the new referral partnerships that we are helping them establish, we have created the following six solutions. All are included at no extra charge.

For Your Partners

1. Prosperous Professional journal.

Every other month we postally mail our print periodical to you and your new referral partners together with a personalized cover letter from you. This meaty journal contains articles on practice management, marketing, technology, finance, and people. Also included are interesting articles on life outside the office.

2. Coaching emails.

In the intervening months we send an email from us to both of you suggesting ways of working together that can benefit both your practices. For example, we discuss joint webinars, cooperative eblasts, booklet sharing, social mentions, and more.

3. Follow-up calls to lawyers.

Lawyers in complementary specialties will frequently be your most productive referral sources. A few weeks after we learn you had a promising initial conversation with a prospective lawyer referral source, we will telephone that lawyer to offer from you a couple of our booklets, complete with custom branding, and at no charge.

We will also inquire about the status of the budding relationship and seek to schedule a second phone conversation between you and the new partner.

4. Partner portal.

A variety of our information products that we make available to your referral partners will be displayed on a custom page that we create in your name on your Referral System software portal. Our coaching emails will link to these free products.

For You

5. Teaching materials.

Even the best networkers can learn from other lawyers what is working to help grow referrals. With us helping over 100 lawyers with their referral relationships, and setting over 75 new-partner phone appointments every month, we have many hard-learned lessons to pass along. We do that with videos, emails, and courses.

6. Timed nudges.

Short emails and simple texts coming directly from you can do much to cement new relationships. We help you remember to devote a few minutes to your new relationships with emails and texts sent to you at six-week intervals based upon the date of your first phone call with each new partner. Thus, even with six active new partnerships, you are only being nudged once a week.

Regular outreach is key when establishing new partnerships. With a small portion of that regular contact coming from you and the bulk of it coming from us in your name, together we can grow your referral partnership network.

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