Meet The Law Office of Brian Jones, “Ohio’s first line of defense”

This criminal defense firm founded their business with clear goals – “to defend your rights as we’d want ours defended” and according to Records Manager Chris Short this is a statement they live by every single day.

Having been in business for over 13 years, this firm has had the time and opportunity to grow their reputation in the surrounding area, and while they are experts at practicing law and defending their clients, they were still looking for a better way to communicate with and support their clients.

Why criminal defense firm The Law Office of Brian Jones uses James Marketing Amplifier

“For most of our clients, going through a criminal situation is not a normal occurrence,” Short explains. “Being able to put an individual through the [nurturing series for prospective clients] and have weekly emails explain certain processes that they are either currently going through, or will go through is pivotal in being that forward individual that has the information they’re looking for.”

The James Marketing Amplifier system frees up your time to focus on what you do best. Practice law. While still providing your clients with consistent education and information that sets you apart as an expert, but also as a client-focused firm.

Before the James Marketing Amplifier system, The Law Office of Brian Jones did not have an organized and methodical approach to keeping in contact with clients, leads, or past clients.

“Now we have a platform and dashboard through James Publishing to differentiate potential clients, new clients, and past clients, so we can specify the exact message we’d like to send them.”

Consistent communication throughout the client lifecycle

Mr. Short touched on something a lot of criminal firms have experienced: “Current clients need hand holding. They need to be told everything’s going to be okay and we’ve got their cases.”

This law office already has over 50 clients subscribed to either a nurturing series, a reassurance series, or a monthly newsletter blast within their portal.

“Our current clients need that consistent touch, need that consistent information, need the consistency of [us] letting them know that we are here for them. That’s what [the James Marketing Amplifier] represents for our current clients.”

But the journey often does not end when a case is closed. “For our past clients, we believe in the holistic approach,” Short explains. Before the James Marketing Amplifier System, “we really weren’t doing newsletters. That’s something that I’ve always wanted to implement” Short said. “Finally, with James Publishing, we got that opportunity”

“Having past clients understand that we still care for them beyond the case, that we care that their wellbeing is okay, and psychologically and physically, that they are maintaining their probation points or maintaining whatever they need to be doing to better themselves so they don’t re-offend or don’t call us again…(as much as we would like that for our business), we care more and it’s more important that those individuals get remediated and fix the issues that they needed.”

What makes James Marketing Amplifier unique?

There is a ton of legal software out there focused on helping you manage your clients. But there is no software out there that is totally client-focused and client based. The Marketing Amplifier program has taken years of legal materials, and our expert attorney editors to build an unmatched library of client facing materials – from booklets, to brochures, to videos.

“It’s different in the fact that it’s very user friendly,” Short says. “The dashboard is simple to utilize. The knowledge base is there for shareability and having that extensive knowledge base is helpful. And that it’s consistently growing!”

Since starting their program in mid-August, The Law Office of Brian Jones has already shared materials with over 50 individuals from the Your Library section of their portal. Clients, leads, and past clients have received booklets such as Your Right to a Speedy Trial, Quick Tips – Traffic Stops, 7 Ways a Criminal Defense Lawyer Can Help and more.

So why does James Marketing Amplifier work for The Law Office of Brian Jones and their many clients?

The James Marketing Amplifier program is “client-focusing, and client-based. It’s legal software for the client.”

Grow WIth Kara

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