Marketing Videos and Content for Bankruptcy Lawyers

Both the videos and the written content in Marketing Amplifier are specialty-specific, so all the marketing content you receive from us will be focused on bankruptcy:

Distinguish yourself and your practice with custom videos that build trust, create familiarity, and demonstrate expertise.

At the pace of four videos per month, we shoot, edit, post on your website, and promote through social media and email. We offer a variety of custom bankruptcy-oriented videos, beginning with: intro, past-case, FAQs, testimonials, and niches.

The only time required from you is a 30-minute monthly Zoom shoot. We send you scripts in advance, so minimal preparation is required.

Conversion Center

Engage more prospects with this multi-element popup that showcases your bankruptcy videos, articles and booklets on: situation suitability, common mistakes, and answers to frequently asked questions.

Other optional website additions include a top bar quiz asking, “Should you file bankruptcy?” and a bottom slider displaying your scenario-specific videos and client testimonials.


This 293-pager digs deep into the questions asked by many prospects, including: Why file, is Chapter 7 right for you, the key Chapter 7 events, how to file for Chapter 7, how the automatic stay protects you, what happens to your property, debts that can and cannot be discharged.

The same questions are answered for Chapter 13. Separate chapters dig into specific debts, items of property, and exemptions, asset valuation, and preparing to file.

The book is fully branded in your name, complete with your photo, bio, and contact information.


Two dozen bankruptcy booklets 4-28 pages long can be branded in your name and promoted on your website, in automated email campaigns, and from your social profiles.

Available titles include: 9 Mistakes to Avoid When You Have Money Problems, Using Bankruptcy to Avoid or Delay Foreclosure, 84 FAQs About Personal Bankruptcy, 9 Questions to Ask Before Filing Bankruptcy, Bankruptcy and Your Job, and 18 more.

Social Posts

Every week an educational or engaging bankruptcy or financial-related post appears on your Facebook and LinkedIn profiles. Many of them link to one of the booklets described above. We start including videos as you create them.

If you do not have social profiles, we will create them for you and keep them active with our posts. We do all the work, which you may supplement with your own material. Or our posts can be bonus content if you are already active on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Shock-and-Awe Package

Wow your prospects with our impressive digital bundle. It includes:

— Your branded 297-page book Bankruptcy: Answers and Issues
— Three booklets: Coming to Terms with Bankruptcy, Benefits and Drawbacks of Bankruptcy, and Personal Bankruptcy: 84 Frequently Asked Questions
— An About Us page describing your firm and service
— An explanatory cover letter

Nurturing Series

Stay in front of your undecided prospects with our lengthy series of educational bankruptcy emails branded in your name. Subjects in the 19-email campaign include:

— How will I know when I need to file bankruptcy?
— What will bankruptcy do to my credit?
— Negotiating with the collection agency
— How will filing bankruptcy affect your employment prospects?
— Raising your FICO score
— Tips for permanently improving your finances

Welcome Kit

Make a strong post-signup impression and answer initial questions with our helpful package of introductory materials. They include:

— Your branded 297-page book Bankruptcy: Answers and Issues
— Two booklets: 9 Mistakes to Avoid When You Are Having Money Problems, How the Automatic Stay Protects You from Collection Activities During Bankruptcy
— A detailed cover letter explaining what lies ahead

Reassurance Series

This series of emails explaining what lies ahead will (a) fill the time gap between signup and the appearance of work product, and (b) answer many of the questions that can otherwise trigger calls to your office. Subjects in this 10-letter campaign include:

— How the automatic stay in bankruptcy stops the harassment
— Exercise caution when using social media pre-bankruptcy
— How credit scoring is used
— The credit counseling requirement
— The hearing
— Rebuilding your credit after bankruptcy

Monthly Newsletter

Remain top of mind and referrable with these engaging 8-page digital issues that are auto-sent monthly to your list of past clients. Some lawyers also choose to include current clients.

Our bankruptcy newsletters mix smarter living articles with personal finance pieces. Some representative articles are: Creating a Simple DIY Budget, What to Look for in a Financial Advisor, Preparation Brings Weekly Savings on Groceries, Building and Keeping Good Credit, For a Better Night’s Sleep Practice These 8 Habits, and Mistakes to Avoid to Ensure You’re Not Living Beyond Your Means.

​High Value at $995/Month​

​Not only is the bankruptcy version of Marketing Amplifier affordable, it also will not intrude upon your work hours. You need only set aside 30 minutes/month for the Zoom video shoots and we will take care of everything else. Click below to schedule a call with Kara or Mike.​

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