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Referral Amplifier

Would you like to double your professional referrals?

Depending on your starting number, doubling or even tripling the number of referrals you receive from local lawyers and other professionals is an achievable goal.

But it requires some planning and an organized approach. Here is how we go about it for the lawyers we help:

How We Help Attorneys
Build Better Referral Relationships

Set goals and plan program

  • After learning about your current referral efforts and results, we establish target expansion numbers for 6 and 12 months. 
  • We list the custom enhancements and additions we will make, and calendar their implementation

Add new referral sources

  • We build a contact list of 50 local lawyers and other professionals who serve your prospective clients but are not competitive.
  • After share the list with you, we ask for your additions or deletions 
  • We begin calling each contact to ask if they are interested in discussing a referral relationship.  We average two hours of calling for each scheduled appointment, and set two appointments/month the first three months.
  • We provide suggested questions to ask during your phone calls.

Cultivate those new relationships

  • For each call that goes well, we send a welcome package.
  • For each referral received, we postally mail a handwritten thank you card.
  • To each new source that is productive, we send periodic gifts and a handwritten annual reflection card.

Strengthen existing relationships

  • We mail handwritten thank you cards for each referral received.
  • We send periodic gifts and a handwritten annual reflection card to your productive referral sources.
  • For your very best existing and new referral sources, we calendar annual calls and nudge you to hold them.
  • To keep you top of mind, we post weekly for you on LinkedIn.

Pursue past-client referrals

  • For the past clients who are VIP referrers, we make regular check-in calls to keep you top of mind.
  • To all your past clients we send an engaging and entertaining monthly newsletter so they don’t forget you.
  • To express your gratitude, we send handwritten thank you cards each time a referral is received.

Advice and accountability

  • Once a month we Zoom with you 1:1 to track new referrals received, report on the work we are doing, and compare our progress to the referral-expansion goals we set.
Need Help Getting Started?
We Help You Find, Grow, and Maintain Your Referral Relationships

You can follow these same steps on your own, and if executed well, you should receive the same results that we will.  Or if you are short of time, you can outsource the work to us.

Our Referral Amplifier service costs $1,695/month, and has no setup charges.  It may be canceled anytime after 3 months, which we need to show you the major impact it can have.  Click below for details.

Click the button below to schedule a time to chat with James Amplifier President, Kara Prior, about your referral goals.

What our subscribers are saying about Referral Amplifier

“I had a divorce consult this morning. The guy was actually a marriage counselor who was contacted by you, and he scheduled an appointment with me to talk referrals. We ended up exchanging business cards, and he is sending a few people my way today.”

Asa King, Attorney

“So far, I am very happy with the referral system. I have always wanted to reach out to our past clients (around 20,000 people!) but I have never really found the time needed to make it happen. I also find the people at James Publishing (that’s you, Mike!) to be very responsive and wonderful to deal with.”

Steven Schwartz, Attorney
Personal Injury

“I had my first referral partner appointment and it was very fruitful. We’ve talked about a referral-generation effort for years. Referral Amplifier gives us a way to propel that initiative.”

Matthew Sullivan, Attorney

“Overall we have been blown away with the quality of the materials and services James Publishing has provided. Chris and Dave (our shareholders) have both come to me raving about the lead gen and referral systems and have had nothing but positive things to say about their experience. Thank you for always being available to chat and clear things up.”

Diane Duran, Marketing Coordinator

“The newsletter has met with near-unanimous approval from clients.”

John Stokes, Attorney
Personal Injury

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