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“I find the videos very neat with the different slides and pictures they drop in to make a very professional video that we’re able to use on our website. I think the client testimonial videos are going to be very powerful to get our marketing moving forward to gain more clients.”

– Jonathan Breeden | Breeden Law Office

“I really appreciate that we have a scheduled time to meet and execute a task that was very daunting before James Marketing Amplifier got involved. And it makes it a lot easier for the attorney not to have to come up with the content – that’s sometimes the hardest part.”

– Katonga Wright | The Wright Legal Group

“I’d been intending to do videos for years, but haven’t been able to do a single video on my own. If you’re interested in getting help with that, someone holding you accountable for getting those videos done consistently, then these are your guys.”

– Victor Peña | Victor Peña Law PLLC

“It really helps my business, it helps educate my clients – they feel very empowered, they’re constantly learning. I think videos are very helpful, they’re educational. And first and foremost that’s the most important thing: giving.”

– David Steinberg | David I. Steinberg Law Group, LLC

“All the videos are stored in one place so that we can go in and launch them to whatever part of our social media that we want. So there’s a great deal of control over the finished product.”

– Susan O’Malley | O’Malley Tunstall PLLC

“All of the people that work with them are so on top of everything. I recommend James Marketing Amplifier to all of my friends who want their business properly presented to the people around them.”

– LD Holt | Holt & Associates

“The client testimonial videos are very powerful and impactful. I believe they would help any firm out.”

– Scott Brown | Scott M. Brown & Associates

“I’ve found it to be a very well done program. The folks there have referred a number of potential referral sources. All of the video and social media integration services have been very helpful.”

– Francis Jackson | Jackson & MacNichol Law Offices

“We’re able to take the videos, put them right on social media and share them, and have received positive feedback from people who have viewed the videos.”

– Chris Gatton | Giddens & Gatton Law, P.C.

“I’ve been trying to do videos on my own, I have the equipment and everything set up. But for some reason I haven’t recorded videos, except for the ones I’ve done with James Publishing.”

– Michael Packard | Packard Law Firm

“I love how easy they make it in just 30 minutes a month to get a set of 4 incredibly well-made, well-produced videos that we can use across our web presence and social media platforms to enhance our position in the marketplace.”

– Will Stafford | The Stafford Law Firm

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