How the Marketing Amplifier Improves Your Results

Marketing Amplifier explained in 60 seconds

Remedy your marketing shortcomings

  1. Poor engagement of website visitors
  2. No follow-up of new prospects
  3. Weak first impression with new clients
  4. Failure to stay in touch with past clients
  5. No solicitation of new referral partners

1. Poor engagement of website visitors

It is the rare law firm website which takes advantage of the most important website marketing technique — offer high-value information in exchange for contact and qualifying information. Even fewer law firms then follow up these leads with emails and phone calls.

We place an FAQ popup on your site, which attracts many visitors who would have otherwise left without a trace. We obtain contact information and an answer to a qualifying question. The data is plugged into our follow-up system (see next item).

2. No follow-up of new prospects

Most law firms fail to aggressively seek office appointments with their leads. Many don’t even timely call their leads, despite the many studies showing how the value of leads plummet as they age.

Every lead that we generate receives your branded shock-and-awe package and nurturing series. The best prospects receive a call from our courteous and motivated phone team asking if they would like to set an office appointment with your firm. And you are welcome to put leads that you generate into our follow-up system.

3. Weak first impression by new clients

Too many times there is a lengthy silence after a new client is retained. During this period the client begins wondering if he made the wrong choice, and often will call the office for status updates.

Our welcome kit and reassurance series avoid this pitfall by:

  • Impressing the new client with a beefy collection of helpful information
  • Explaining the work that is being done behind the scenes
  • Regularly sending the client educational and reassuring content

4. Failure to stay in touch with past clients

It is hard to receive referrals from past clients when they don’t remember your name. And you would be surprised how quickly that occurs. Many times it only takes months.

To counteract that natural tendency, we provide a personalized and branded newsletter that engages your past clients with a mix of entertainment and education. We stay away from legal topics, as your past clients no longer have a legal issue.

We also send an effective, easy-to-use digital request for a review, which builds your collection of positive online reviews.

5. No solicitation of new referral partners

Despite the positive financial impact that a strong referral partner can provide, most small law firms do not have a regular partner solicitation effort in place. Instead, haphazard and ineffective networking is the common approach.

Having set hundreds of phone appointments for lawyers with local professionals interested in discussing a referral relationship, we know what works. We set 1-2 appointments for you every month, and then help you cultivate the positive new relationships.

Includes valuable extras

  • Branded 100-300 page book
  • Dozens of niche booklets
  • Educational videos
  • Digital calendar with appointment reminders
  • Website resource page