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Strengthen Your Law Firm’s Marketing

Founders tend to focus on one or two marketing channels during their early years.

But heavy dependence on any particular marketing approach will limit your law firm’s growth and increase its risk. Algorithms and SEO rankings change. PPC ad costs increase. Big-spending competitors arrive.

To future-proof their law firms, smart marketers will regularly add new ways to draw clients.

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Referral Marketing for Attorneys

Despite delivering high-quality, low-cost leads, referrals are rarely maximized by small law firms who don’t take a systematic approach.

  1. Building a referral system starts with tracking where your referrals are currently coming from, and whether those numbers are steadily increasing.
  2. Use that data to identify your VIP referral sources, and begin providing extra attention with video-enhanced personal notes, tailored gifts, and success-story postcards.
  3. Next, you need to begin individually thanking the source of each referral, and periodically communicate the status of each referred client you sign.
  4. Lastly, you should begin expanding your referral network, for without regular additions it will shrink over time.

We have developed a service called Referral Amplifier that includes all of these high-ROI elements, including introductions every month to professionals who have expressed interest in speaking with you about referral relationships.

Social Media Marketing for Attorneys

After shooting, editing, and posting thousands of lawyer videos on the major social platforms, we have learned that success on social media requires five elements:

  1. Popular topics. Poor topic selection is the most common mistake lawyers make. We’ve identified two dozen categories that work well and have hundreds of proven scripts. Straying outside those usually means low views.
  2. Engaging intros. Client questions, “How to” lists, common mistakes, etc. grab attention and promise value to the viewer.
  3. Concise delivery. After a big intro promise, deliver value in under 90 seconds through tight writing or good presentation skills. Convey thoughts conversationally, polishing doesn’t impact views.
  4. Boosting. Surprisingly few lawyers invest in boosting their better-performing videos. Just a few hundred dollars a month can markedly lift views and followers.
  5. Direct pitches. Attract viewers then sell services through expertise and case study videos plus advertising pitches. We’ve created hundreds of proven scripts, boosted resulting videos, and grown followers and engagement for over 100 lawyers.

We have created hundreds of scripts that work well for lawyers, boosted hundreds of the resulting videos, and grown the videos, followers, and engagement for over 100 lawyer accounts. Click below to learn more about how we build robust social presences with our Social Amplifier service.

Content Marketing for Attorneys

A complete content marketing effort includes a lot more than just SEO content. You will want to over time add:

For prospective clients

  1. Shock-and-awe package. Providing prospects a 100+ page branded book, educational booklets, and introductory letter will quickly lift you above any competitors being considered.
  2. Follow-up series. Additional prospects will convert if you stay in touch, especially if your content demonstrates an understanding of their problem and its solution.

For new clients

  1. Welcome kit. Make a strong first impression with: intro to the team, practice brochure, client success stories, representation process infographic, FAQs, feedback form, and next steps checklist.
  2. Reassurance series. Fill the gap between signup and service delivery and avoid buyer’s remorse with a series of emails that explains the work going on behind the scenes and what is to come.
  3. Educational guides. When client questions arise, have your team speedily and thoroughly answer them by emailing PDF booklets providing detailed explanations.

For past clients

  1. Monthly newsletter. Remain memorable and referrable by regularly appearing in front of your past clients with engaging and entertaining content.

You can begin slowly creating and adding these elements to your content marketing, or you can get them immediately using our low-cost Content Amplifier service. Click below to read more about how it can lift client conversion, satisfaction, and referrals.

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