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2x or even 3x your referrals


  • Data-supported referral expansion goals
  • List of local referral prospects to be contacted

Network expansion

  • Phone appointments with local lawyers and allied pros 
  • Descriptive referral web page with video
  • Welcome kits for new referral partners

Network cultivation

  • Weekly videos and posts on LinkedIn
  • Regular cards and personal notes 
  • Tailored gifts to VIP referrers
  • Handwritten thank you cards for each referral received

Past clients

  • Monthly 8-page email newsletter
  • Handwritten thank you cards for each referral received


  • Results tracked and reviewed
  • 1:1 monthly guidance calls

Grow your views, followers, and responses

Proven topics

  • We recommend from a list of proven categories
  • Attorney-drafted scripts provided in advance
  • Specialty-specific choices
  • You have final approval

Monthly 45-minute shoots

  • Done in your office or home
  • We provide a ring light and phone stand
  • Scripts displayed on a teleprompter
  • Guided by a dedicated video director

Robust profiles

  • We create any you are missing
  • Story highlights with cover icons and names
  • Bio links to booklets and conversion pages

Editing and posting

  • Captions, branding, and illustrations provided
  • Custom videos, carousels, and branded videos
  • New posts every 4-5 days/week
  • On Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and YouTube


  • $150/month in spending included
  • Geographically and demographically targeted
  • Invested in popular and client-generating videos 

Persuade and convert more prospects

Conversion materials

  • Shock-and-awe package
  • Educational follow-up series

Client satisfaction

  • Reassurance series
  • Explanatory booklets

Referral content

  • Monthly 8-page past-client newsletter
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