How I Get Clients with Attorney Nima Etemadian: Maximizing Past Client Referrals

Personal injury attorney Nima Etemadian has rapidly grown his firm’s revenue 3x over the past two years. He credits referrals from satisfied past clients as a major contributor, alongside attorney and medical referrals.

Nima shared his effective techniques for keeping past clients engaged to drive ongoing referrals with James Amplifier President Kara Prior during an interview on the Grow With Kara show.

Remaining Top-of-Mind Through Regular Check-Ins

A cornerstone of Nima’s referral strategy is consistent communication with current clients every two weeks, regardless of case updates. This strengthens those relationships in the long-term.

Additionally, post-resolution his team nurtures past clients with mailed thank you notes, birthday cards, e-newsletters and diligent database management. This keeps the firm visible as clients’ needs evolve.

Positioning as the Go-To Resource for All Legal Issues

When speaking with injury clients, Nima emphasizes, “I want to be the first person you call for anything legal.” This positions his firm as a broad resource beyond personal injury.

Consequently, past clients now regularly contact Nima regarding issues like wills, divorce, and other practice areas that he then ethically refers out.

Maximizing Referral Value

By sending non-injury referrals to attorneys who reciprocate with PI referrals, Nima has created a mutually beneficial loop. So past clients drive new cases both directly and indirectly.

As Nima notes, responsively maintaining past client relationships enables achieving the full lifetime referral value lawyers often leave on the table.

In summary, through regular check-ins, post-resolution nurturing, and positioning as a trusted legal advisor, Nima builds enduring goodwill and visibility with past clients. This loyalty directly converts into new referrals while keeping his practice top-of-mind.

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Attorney Nima Etemadian: Website | Instagram | Facebook
In just 4 years Nima Etemadian and his partner have built an exceptionally fast-growing injury firm in the competitive SoCal market. They doubled revenue their second year, tripled it their third year, and are on track to triple again this year.

How I Get Clients with Attorney Narimon Pishnamaz: Leveraging Social Media

In just over a year, personal injury attorney Narimon Pishnamaz has leveraged social platforms to gain an impressive 162,000 TikTok followers, 108,000 Instagram followers, and recently 13,000 YouTube subscribers. This has directly translated into 30-40% of Narimon’s new client intake originating from social referrals.

Narimon shared his social media approach and strategy with James Amplifier President Kara Prior during the Grow With Kara show.

Crafting Shareable Social Content

Many lawyers focus overly on “entertaining” videos to grab attention. Narimon takes a different approach – informative and concise legal content without gimmicks.

He tackles topics beyond just injury law that affect people’s everyday lives, like pay discussions, drinking laws, insurance issues and more. These general topics draw in a wide viewership. Narimon then sprinkles in injury-specific videos to convert engaged followers into potential clients.

Narimon also ensures his videos are tightly composed and straight-to-the-point. The scripts convey the core message quickly, which users appreciate when scrolling social feeds.

Promoting Standout Content

Once Narimon identifies a top-performing video, he doubles down by putting some advertising budget behind it. He highlights that lawyers don’t need big budgets – even just $5 per day over years can greatly expand the reach.

This strategy allows his best content to build momentum instead of disappearing into the endless stream of social media. The videos then continue attracting followers and leads years after posting.

Client Acquisition on Social Media

Narimon proves that lawyers can leverage social platforms to directly drive case acquisition. But to replicate his success requires embracing some key mindshifts.

First, great content alone is not enough – you must strategically promote winners to build sustainable traffic momentum. Additionally, boosting general legal topics beyond your immediate practice area draws more eyeballs which you can then convert.

Finally, genuine informative content works better than entertainment gimmicks. Follow Narimon’s lead in crafting concise, engaging social content that delivers value. Then consistently highlight your best performers, and you too can convert social media followers into quality client leads.

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Attorney Narimon Pishmanaz: Website | Instagram | Facebook
Personal injury attorney Narimon Pishnamaz has rocketed to social media success, acquiring 38,000 Instagram followers and 127,000 TikTok followers in only 10 months. He added YouTube a month and a half earlier, and already has 650 subscribers. Narimon obtains 30-40% of his new intake from social media.

How I Get Clients with Attorney Joe Volta: Building Referral Relationships Digitally

Personal injury attorney Joe Volta has built an impressive roster of over 100 referral relationships leading to open case files, primarily through leveraging social media rather than relying solely on in-person networking.

Here’s the effective strategy Joe shared during his interview with Referral Amplifier President Kara Prior during the Grow With Kara show.

Cultivating Digital Referral Relationships

In January 2021, Joe set himself an ambitious goal – to obtain the majority of his cases from attorney referrals facilitated through social media relationships. He identified lawyers with large national followings on platforms like Instagram and strategically began connecting with them.

Rather than cold outreach, Joe took a gradual, organic approach – commenting on their posts, celebrating their successes, and offering condolences if needed. He focused on building real relationships rooted in trust. Once established, he would send polite direct messages, offering his services for any Carolinas-based clients they wanted to refer.

The Benefits of Joe’s Digital Approach

This digital relationship-building strategy delivered results quickly, providing Joe a predictable stream of referrals. Within 18 months, over 100 open case files came directly from the connections Joe carefully crafted online.

His tech-enabled technique provides multiple advantages over conventional in-person networking for referrals:

  • National reach – No longer limited to lawyers in your geographic area
  • Efficiency – Avoids the endless game of unreturned phone calls and hit-or-miss lunches

Providing Mutual Value

Crucial to Joe’s success is that his relationships provide value to both parties. As Joe explains, “I work hard to reassure my referral sources that their clients will be exceptionally well taken care of.” This includes sticking to strict ethics of client solicitation and fair fee sharing.

Additionally, for partners’ cases he can’t take on fully, Joe contributes pleadings and research to help them directly. As he notes, “it’s a long game” based on mutual benefit, not quick gains.

Results Speak for Themselves

Thanks to online relationships carefully built over time, Joe now draws a steady caseload straight from attorney referrals – both directly and indirectly.

As Joe sums up, going beyond geographical restrictions allows you to tap into an abundant source of case referrals: ethical lawyers everywhere who could use trustworthy help for their non-local clients. By strategically providing value to them, they’ll return the favor.

By adopting Joe’s relationship-first digital strategy, you too can build an impressive referral network that consistently delivers results.

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Attorney Joe Volta: Website | Instagram | Facebook
Joe Volta moved to the Carolinas only 3 years ago, but he already has 111 open injury case files. Amazingly, he spent zero dollars generating those cases and most have come from referral partners he gained by networking online.