How I Get Clients with Attorney Nima Etemadian: Maximizing Past Client Referrals

Personal injury attorney Nima Etemadian has rapidly grown his firm’s revenue 3x over the past two years. He credits referrals from satisfied past clients as a major contributor, alongside attorney and medical referrals.

Nima shared his effective techniques for keeping past clients engaged to drive ongoing referrals with James Amplifier President Kara Prior during an interview on the Grow With Kara show.

Remaining Top-of-Mind Through Regular Check-Ins

A cornerstone of Nima’s referral strategy is consistent communication with current clients every two weeks, regardless of case updates. This strengthens those relationships in the long-term.

Additionally, post-resolution his team nurtures past clients with mailed thank you notes, birthday cards, e-newsletters and diligent database management. This keeps the firm visible as clients’ needs evolve.

Positioning as the Go-To Resource for All Legal Issues

When speaking with injury clients, Nima emphasizes, “I want to be the first person you call for anything legal.” This positions his firm as a broad resource beyond personal injury.

Consequently, past clients now regularly contact Nima regarding issues like wills, divorce, and other practice areas that he then ethically refers out.

Maximizing Referral Value

By sending non-injury referrals to attorneys who reciprocate with PI referrals, Nima has created a mutually beneficial loop. So past clients drive new cases both directly and indirectly.

As Nima notes, responsively maintaining past client relationships enables achieving the full lifetime referral value lawyers often leave on the table.

In summary, through regular check-ins, post-resolution nurturing, and positioning as a trusted legal advisor, Nima builds enduring goodwill and visibility with past clients. This loyalty directly converts into new referrals while keeping his practice top-of-mind.

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In just 4 years Nima Etemadian and his partner have built an exceptionally fast-growing injury firm in the competitive SoCal market. They doubled revenue their second year, tripled it their third year, and are on track to triple again this year.

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