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Content Amplifier

Want to save time with turn-key, attorney-drafted content?

Unless you just started your practice, you have probably heard at least a dozen times that you should be:

– Sending a shock-and-awe package to new prospects
– Following up with a nurturing series
– Welcoming new clients with a ‘what comes next’ educational series
– Answering common new-client questions with explanatory materials
– Using a newsletter to remain top of mind and referrable with past clients

It is easy for legal coaches to recommend that you employ these Marketing 101 items, and yes, they are effective, but how will you carve out sufficient writing time?

We’ve done the heavy lifting, and have spent countless hours drafting, editing, and designing ready-to-use content – branded with custom logos and colors – that gets results. Here is how it works.

How We Help Attorneys
Level Up Their Content Strategy

Prospect conversion

  • Lift yourself above your competition with a shock-and-awe package that includes a fully branded 100-300 page book in your specialty, along with several educational booklets.
  • Lengthy, educational, specialty-specific, nurturing series of 12-18 emails that demonstrate your expertise to undecided prospects.

Client satisfaction

  • Avoid buyer’s remorse with a series of 10-15 post-signup emails explaining what comes next and the work your firm is doing behind the scenes.
  • Dozens of detailed booklets answering common questions that arise during representation. When one arises, email the PDF instead of spending time on the phone.

Past-client referrals

  • Avoid being forgotten when a past client is asked if they know a good lawyer. Give us your past-client emails and we will every month send an engaging and entertaining 8-page newsletter custom to your specialty and branded with your name.
Need Help Getting Started?
We Provide Content to Educate Your Prospects, Clients, Past Clients, and Referrers

You can budget the hundreds of hours to draft these components yourself, or spend time and money finding a knowledgeable freelancer.

Or you can affordably license our attorney-drafted content.

Content Amplifier costs $695/month. There are no setup fees or other charges. You may cancel anytime after 3 months.

Click the button below to schedule a time to chat with James Amplifier President, Kara Prior, about your marketing goals.

Our content spans seven practice areas, and is drafted by the same attorney-editors who bring you the James Publishing books you know and trust.

100-plus page books dig deep into the questions and issues facing prospective clients.
Helpful checklists, frequently asked question sheets, and quizzes with your company colors and logo branded in your name can be promoted on your website, in automated email campaigns, and from your social profiles.
Educational and engaging articles covering your practice area and general interest topics keep you top-of-mind with referral partners, potential clients, and past clients.

What our subscribers are saying about Content Amplifier

“We had a potential client that almost slipped away. He thought he could get it settled himself with the insurance company. He ignored several of our follow up phone calls and emails and I was in the process of closing the case out of our pending client system. As a last thought, I sent him an email with the James Publishing booklet about the pitfalls of working your own case and insurance company tactics. The next day, he called our office and signed the retainer.”

Andrew Nissen, Attorney

“We like the content of the program in addition to the simplicity of it. I really like that we do not have to put the content together, and then email it out. It has added an extra method of advertising for us without bogging us down with extra things to do such as writing new content.”

Andrew Traub, Attorney

"I met with a potential client who didn't sign during our meeting. Once I put him in the prospective client nurturing series, he began moving forward.”

James Jones, Attorney
Estate Planning

“You're providing resources that we have known we needed but that we could not get developed on our own. It's like someone took a giant Sharpie to my to-do list and reduced my stress considerably.”

Beth Breeden, Attorney

"We are enjoying the client platform. It is extremely easy to use and the nurturing series has really helped us convert more prospects into clients. The content that has been shared on our behalf has been very informative and useful for our audience. Thank you for helping us reach our marketing goals."

Diane Duran, Marketing Coordinator

“We decided to begin using the Content Amplifier as we realized there were gaps in our marketing efforts. The service itself is multifaceted and provides various avenues for obtaining and nurturing clients. We subscribed thinking we knew what we were getting, but we have received so much more.”

Ed Oman, Marketing Coordinator
Personal Injury

“I love the books by James Publishing and so, instinctively, I trust the materials provided by James. But the ultimate reason I decided to accept the marketing services provided by James was the level of responsiveness from the team of professionals.”

Gabriella Bonilla, Attorney
Family, Estate Planning

“You have saved me hours and hours of work.”

Brad Shuttleworth, Attorney
Criminal Defense

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