7 Steps to More Referrals – Step 1: Set expansion goals

Referrals are far and away your best marketing channel, as you own it 100% and no algorithm change, price increase, or influx of competitors is going to diminish its effectiveness.

Best of all, the ROI of referrals exceeds that of all your other marketing investments, for small dollars are all that is needed to fund an effective referral-generating program.

In this series,  we outline the 7 steps we use to generate more referrals for lawyers. You can readily use these steps yourself or with your team. 

Can you 2x or 3x your referrals?

Begin by analyzing your current referral flow and efforts. How many are you receiving and what are you doing to obtain them?

3-4x scenario

Maybe your volume is low – 10-20% of your new clients are referred by lawyers, allied professionals, and past clients. And you and your team are not spending much time cultivating those referral sources, let alone seeking new sources.

In this situation, we would set aggressive targets: (1) triple your referrals within 18 months and (2) quadruple them in 30 months.

50% increase scenario

At the other end of the growth spectrum are lawyers who receive 50% or more of their new clients by referral, devote material attention to existing referral sources, and periodically seek out new sources.

Because the base number is already large, a 50% increase within two years would add a lot more referrals. But that target would still be achievable, for it is the rare attorney whose team is doing everything possible to maximize referral flow.

Growth plan

Step #2 will outline the specific techniques that we use to increase referrals, and that you can adopt. Subsequent posts will detail each technique, complete with examples.

Grow WIth Kara

Every week, president of James Publishing & Amplifier, Kara Prior, interviews successful attorney-marketers to uncover what’s working, what’s not, and how you can get on a similar path to growth.

Proven, streamlined approach

Grow and Nurture Your Referral Network

Referrals, whether from professionals, past clients, or both, can be a major source of new business for your law firm. But you have to be intentional about obtaining those referrals to maximize their potential.

That requires:

  • steadily adding sources to your professional network,
  • nurturing those new relationships, and
  • staying in front of your past clients.

We help you with all three tasks. Our Referral Amplifier provides:

  • Quarterly follow-up calls with the productive or promising new partners
  • Regularly-updated custom referral expansion plan
  • 1:1 coaching on obtaining more referrals from your growing network
  • Thank-you cards to the new referral partners
  • Explanatory referral web page and video, with video testimonials
  • A branded monthly newsletter emailed to past clients
Affordable, Low-Risk Offer

We provide all this for $1,695/month. There are no setup fees or other charges. You may cancel anytime after 3 months, and you keep all your new referral partners.

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