FeaturesMarketing AmplifierSocial Amplifier
Monthly 30-minute Zoom shoot
Three videos of you each month
One client testimonial video quarterly
Edited and posted on your website
Dedicated video director
Shock-and-awe package
Educational nurturing series
New-client welcome kit
New-client reassurance series
Monthly past-client newsletter
100-300 page branded book
Dozens of branded booklets
Conversion Center
Appointment page
Past-case bottom slider
Exit-intent FAQ popup
Custom quarterly marketing plan
Audit of your marketing spending
Unbiased vendor recommendations
Review of your conversion efforts
Monthly 1:1s with pro Kara Prior
Second opinion on big decisions
Help with execution
High-impact strategic guidance
Quarterly moderated Zooms
Private Slack channel
Six-plus short videos of you each month
Social-specific direction and editing
Platform-specific formatting

Feature Details

Marketing Amplifier

We have learned that small law firms lack many of the marketing elements standard in the business world. These omitted marketing tactics are neither new nor unproven. For years they have been working for small businesses and the few law firms which employ them. We can fill those marketing gaps for you.

We also encounter many lawyers whose marketing budgets could deliver far better results if only some strategic changes were made. Many don’t know whether their heavy spending on pay-per-click ads is delivering all that it could. Or if their agency is earning its monthly fee. Or how to distinguish themselves from the competition. Or how to build a brand that draws quality clients at minimal cost. We can help.

For $1,495/month you receive:

Custom Videos

1. Monthly 30-minute Zoom shoot. Videos draw clients who want to work with you rather than shop around. We make it easy for you by limiting your involvement to one short and guided shoot each month at your office or home. We provide scripts and bullets.

2. Three videos of you each month. From your monthly 30-minute shoot we create three videos. We begin with FAQs, then move to past-cases and how you help, with most videos 30-90 seconds long.

3. One client testimonial video quarterly. These can be hard to obtain, but we have much experience coaxing reluctant clients to provide compelling and persuasive recommendations.

4. Edited and posted on your website. We smooth out your audio and visual presentation, and add illustrative slides and text, and post the videos prominently on your website.

5. Dedicated video director. You work with the same experienced pro at every shoot. Your director will quickly learn your strengths and weaknesses, and coax the best work out of you.

Automated Sends

6. Shock-and-awe package. This is an impressive collection of written materials, all branded in your name – 100-300 page book, two informative booklets, an educational practice brochure, and a friendly cover letter.

7. Educational nurturing series. We provide a lengthy and educational series of branded emails that demonstrate your expertise, show you are ready to help, and keep you top-of-mind.

8. New-client welcome kit. We provide you with an impressive collection of written materials, all branded in your name – two informative booklets, an educational practice brochure, and a friendly cover letter.

9. New-client reassurance series. The welcome kit is followed by a lengthy series of emails explaining what happens next and what is being done behind the scenes.

10. Monthly past-client newsletter. Newsletters are old school, but they still work well. Ours are professionally designed and contain a mix of entertaining and helpful content, with little law-related content since this newsletter is for your past clients.

Additional Content

11. 100-300 page branded book. This masterwork by an experienced practitioner is branded with your name, photo, contact information, and biography.

12. Dozens of branded booklets. This collection of focused, understandable, and helpful information can be used to expand upon your verbal explanations, support group presentations, displayed in your lobby, and more.

Website Enhancements

13. Conversion Center. This prominent and content-heavy addition to your website displays all the elements we provide, including your branded book, booklets, articles, and videos.

14. Appointment page. People are used to self-setting phone and Zoom appointments, but few legal websites offer this option. Now yours can with Conversion Center’s appointment calendar.

15. Past case bottom slider. Prospects are more likely to set appointments and sign with you if they know you successfully represented a client facing a similar situation. Here we display videos and articles describing scenarios you have handled.

16. Exit-intent FAQ popup. This informative popup attracts a portion of your website visitors who otherwise would have left without a trace. The funnel asks a qualifying question and obtains contact information.

Tailored Marketing Assistance

17. Custom quarterly marketing plan. After analyzing your marketing efforts and results, our experienced strategist will recommend improvements to implement over the next 3 months. We will be able to provide a high percentage of these fixes using the included Amplifier content and elements.

18. Audit of your marketing spending. Are you receiving value from your marketing agency? Your PPC investment? Will lower-cost substitutes generate the same lead flow? Higher-quality leads? A candid review can save you hundreds to thousands of dollars monthly.

19. Unbiased vendor recommendations. We unfortunately regularly encounter lawyers who are materially overpaying for subpar services: pay-per-click ads that don’t deliver, marketing agencies running on autopilot while charging you full price, and peripheral services that should be canceled. We know the high-value vendors and will help you compare and switch.

20. Review of your team’s conversion efforts. Small improvements here can have a big impact on your revenue and profit. We periodically investigate, suggest specific changes, and then follow up to make sure your team is using best practices.

Dedicated Marketing Strategist

21. Monthly 1:1s with marketing pro Kara Prior. Our president Kara has spoken to dozens of law firm owners about their marketing, and knows what works and what doesn’t. She will tell you how you can improve your results and give you candid feedback on your efforts.

22. Second opinion on big decisions. Are you thinking of aggressively marketing to a new sub-niche? Testing a new marketing channel? We will review your game plan, detail how it can be made more effective, and may even be able to provide much of the new marketing content needed.

23. Help with execution. Want more referrals? We will set up appointments with prospective professional referral partners. Need another marketing channel? We will help you get started.

24. High-impact strategic guidance. Our focus will be on changes and improvements that deliver more clients, increased revenue, and higher profits.

Peer Group

25. Quarterly moderated Zooms. We include you in a group of similarly situated attorneys who share their marketing results, challenges, improvements, and more every 3 months. Obtain answers, support, and new ideas.

26. Private Slack channel. Reach out in between Zooms to peers who can help. Read answers to other attorneys’ questions. Establish connections with innovators.

Social Amplifier

Innovative attorneys have shown that large numbers of new clients can be attracted using videos on social media. You too can draw clients from Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube by regularly posting short and engaging videos. We can make that happen with only 30 minutes of your time each month for a Zoom video shoot at your home or office.

For $1,995/month you receive everything in Marketing Amplifier plus the following items:

Social Videos

17. Six-plus short videos of you each month. Our focus is on attention-grabbing, high-value, and educational topics, concisely delivered. Social media is competitive, but we know what works.

18. Social-specific direction and editing. Platform requirements regularly change. What is working now may not do so for long. Working with multiple firms keeps us abreast of changes and trends so you don’t have to monitor them.

19. Platform-specific formatting. Facebook, Instagram Reels, and YouTube Shorts each have different requirements. We do all the work necessary to accommodate them.

Twice-Weekly Posts

20. Facebook. Twice-weekly we post on your firm’s Facebook profile. The posts are a mix of the custom videos we shoot monthly and our text-based content. Text posts offer educational booklets and quizzes, display inspirational quotes, show funny legal memes, present captioned photos, ask thought-provoking questions, deliver informative infographics, provide tips, and periodically request action.

21. Instagram. We generate interest and engagement by focusing on high-quality visuals, helpful tutorials, memorable quotes, and high-value giveaways. We post twice weekly, and will create an Instagram profile for you if you don’t already have one.

22. YouTube. We place your original-content videos on your YouTube channel. If you don’t have one, we will create it for you. Your videos are optimized and run ad-free.


Our Amplifier programs have no setup fee, and may be canceled anytime after the first 3 months — time which we need to custom build and install their many features.