Monthly Zoom Shoots
Receive 3-5 new videos every month without the time and disruption of an onsite shoot. Our president or VP join in for the first several minutes to:
— Explain the strategy underlying each type of video,
— Make sure you are receiving value from Amplifier, and
— Be a source of unbiased advice on your other marketing efforts.

Video Editing
Lawyers don’t always realize that editing requires more time than shooting. We smooth out your audio and visual presentation, and add illustrative slides and sometimes music to create a polished and professional finished video.


Website Posting
The first place you want your videos to appear is on your website. Using our unique Conversion Center, we prominently display your initial videos on your home page. Now you and your website begin to stand out from the competition, and familiarity and trust begin forming.

Lead Follow-up
Your second wave of videos will bring personality and distinctiveness to the automatically-sent shock-and-awe package and nurturing series of educational emails that are included with Marketing Amplifier. These impressive items will further distinguish you from any competitors being shopped.

Client Cultivation
Next we shoot videos that are added to Amplifier’s new-client welcome kit and a reassurance series of emails explaining what work is being done behind the scenes and what lies ahead. These start your new working relationship off positively, instead of having clients start off wondering what is happening.

Social Distribution
All of your videos are also posted on your Facebook and LinkedIn profiles, together with the weekly social posts included with your Amplifier subscription. If you don’t have profiles, we will create them for you and Amplifier will keep them active.

If you subscribe to our Pro version, we place your original content videos on your YouTube channel. If you don’t have one, we will create it for you. Your videos are optimized and run ad-free.


Content Library
A 100-300 page branded book and dozens of 4 to 40-page branded booklets attract, educate, and persuade visitors that you have the needed expertise and helpfulness.

New Client Welcome
Create a strong first impression with our auto-sent educational welcome kit. Then fill the gap between signing and visible work product with our reassurance series explaining what work is being done behind the scenes and what to expect going forward.

Online Reviews
Using auto-sent, online-friendly solicitations, Amplifier helps you grow your collection of positive reviews, which are so important for both persuasion and local rankings.

Exit-Intent FAQ Popup
Obtain contact information from visitors about to leave your site. Amplifier then auto-sends them your branded shock-and-awe package and keeps you top of mind with your educational nurturing series.

Branded Monthly Newsletter
Stay top-of-mind and referrable with your past clients using our engaging and entertaining digital newsletter. Give us your list and we do the rest.


Facebook Video Ads
We will custom create and run multiple video-based ads for you, relying on our knowledge of what is most likely to affordably deliver you quality leads. We provide detailed reports monthly.


Marketing Amplifier has no setup fee, and may be canceled anytime after the first 3 months — time which we need to custom build and install Amplifier’s many features.