Both packages include:

– 100% supported.  We mail you a ring light and phone stand.  We then match you with a video director who will send you scripts in advance, answer questions, and lead subsequent shoots.

– Directed shoots.  Your director will get you set up with scripts on a teleprompter, coach you through your readings, and then obtain some B-roll footage of you keyboarding, talking on the phone, and maybe writing.

– Boosted social posts.  Every quarter we put some of our money behind your best-performing social videos, which will increase views, shares, and followers.

– Robust profiles.  If you don’t have profiles on the major social platforms, we will create them for you.  If you do have them, we will add content, including story highlights with cover icons and names, and bio links to booklets and conversion pages.

– Automated content sends.  To increase your lead-conversion rate, we give you access to a portal which will send on your behalf: 

(a) A shock-and-awe package and extensive follow-up series to your new prospects

(b) A welcome kit and reassurance series to new clients

(c) A 100-300 page book and educational booklets to prospects and clients who have questions

(d) An entertaining and helpful monthly newsletter to past clients

– Website enhancements.  To improve the persuasiveness of your website, we add an Education Center to your website.  It displays all the content we provide, including your branded book, booklets, articles, and videos. 

Affordable, low-risk, DFY service

There are no setup fees or other charges … not even for the boosting we buy.  You may cancel anytime after 3 months, which we need to show you the robust social presence we can deliver.