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Video Marketing Scripts for Lawyers, Part 2

Video Marketing Scripts for Lawyers, Part 2

Part 2 Contents: Link back to Part 1 HERE 2B. Partially-scripted videos 2C. Prompts for unscripted videos 2D. Scripts for list videos   2B. Partially-scripted videos After you have created a few scripted videos, you likely will not need all the structure and...

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Video Marketing Scripts for Lawyers, Part 1

For years video marketing has been under-utilized by lawyers, but we are at long last seeing them adopt it as a core marketing tool.

Three big advantages

A. Draws the right clients. Client relationships frequently require that you work with individuals over extended periods.  When those relationships don’t click, the experience can be painful.

Videos let prospective clients get to know you before they call.  If they don’t feel comfortable, they will go elsewhere.  Conversely, prospects who are drawn to your personality and style of lawyering will call your office first.

This process naturally pulls in clients you want to work with, and weeds out those who seek a different personality and style of lawyering.

B. Conveys your distinctiveness.  Lawyers seem to have finally learned that video is the easiest and surest way to distinguish them and their firms from their competition.  

Their websites and ads certainly do not.  Consumers have long been unable to point to any material differences between lawyers based on text copy and still images they find online.  The websites and ads all look and read similarly, despite their creators’ claims to the contrary.

But show prospects your face, let them hear your voice, explain how you approach various legal scenarios, and those prospects will quickly form a distinctive opinion about you.  You will no longer have to struggle with ways to separate yourself from the pack.

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Attorney Marketing Tips from Interviews

Speaking directly and concisely on everyday law topics, Clay has accumulated over 181,000 Instagram and 158,000 TikTok followers. No comedy or costumes. Amazingly, he posted his first Instagram video only 6 months prior to this interview – in April 2022. Having been licensed only four years ago, he didn’t want to spend a lot on getting clients, so turned to affordable social media. In only 2 years Miriah has grown her Houston injury firm to a team of 8 handling 100 open case files. She obtains all her cases directly – no attorney referrals – with 99% of her cases coming from Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook.

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Top Content From 2022

Attorney Marketing Tips in Booklets

One-click access Click the interview title for instant, single-click access to the video booklet. Ali Awad’s Best Social Media Marketing Tips 27 pages, 12/1/22.  Ali Awad is considered by most to be the #1 social marketer in the legal world.  In less than 6 years he...

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Social Media Cheatsheet for Law Firms

Nearly half of the dozens of attorneys I have interviewed on my GrowWithKara show are obtaining many of their new clients from social media.   Several are spending little to nothing to obtain those clients.  Outlined below is the approach they are using, complete with...

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Ali Awad’s 24 Social Media Tips for Attorneys

Ali Awad is considered by most to be the #1 social marketer in the legal world.  In less than 6 years he has built a 50-person, $20 million law firm using social media as his primary marketing channel.

Ali not only has this incredible track record going for him; he is a master at explaining what has driven that success.  He is articulate, generous with details, and backs his explanations with examples.  We are fortunate to have someone so willing to share his learnings as one of the legal industry’s social media pioneers.

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Creative Marketing Ideas for Law Firms

Examples and tactics for increasing referrals from allied professionals, local attorneys, and past clients, along with tools for converting more prospects…

Lawyer Marketing Ideas: Obtaining Referrals from Local Professionals

A lawyer’s step-by-step guide to obtaining more referrals from local professionals — both attorneys and non-attorneys.

Boosting Referrals for an Energetic Florida Injury Attorney

With a referral-partner outreach effort and a set of customized client-communications tools developed by James Publishing, he is building lasting relationships with nearby professionals and past clients, and improving his communication with prospects and new clients....

Effective Law Firm Marketing Agencies

For most small law firms, finding a digital marketing agency which will deliver results is a guessing game. You talk to a salesperson, maybe call a few of the references provided, and then take a chance. 4-6 months later you frequently have to move on because the...

Law Firm Referral Marketing vs. SEO vs. PPC

The three major marketing channels for small law firms are referrals, search engine optimization, and pay-per-click ads. Each has advantages and disadvantages, which we will cover in this article. Which channel is right for you to invest more or less time and money...

Does the Legal Referral System Work?

The short answer is “yes it does.” But as we explain below, it doesn’t work alone. While we do the heavy lifting, you have an important role to play. Calendaring Phone Appointments We begin by compiling a list of 50 local professionals, both attorneys and...

Secrets and Strategies for Getting More Referrals

James President Kara Prior recently chatted with Ken Hardison at PILMMA on the Grow Your Law Firm Podcast. What you’ll learn about in this episode: How Kara’s book How Small Law Firms Can Obtain More Referrals offers a detailed roadmap for getting more clients for...

How Can I Improve the Effectiveness of My Law Firm’s Intake Process?

When it comes to converting leads into customers, small law firms do a lousier job of it than most any other type of business. In addition to the dozen years we have helped hundreds of lawyers generate leads only to see them mis-handle those prospects, we back up our...

How Do I Impress My Law Firm’s Leads?

Half of the competitive battle in turning law firm leads into clients is standing apart from the other lawyers the prospect has reached out to. With voice search, Google My Business, and click-to-call, it is so easy for prospects to quickly generate a list of...

How Do You Help Me Stay in Touch with My New Law Referral Partners?

Establishing referral partnerships is similar to creating new friendships. You meet someone new, find you have common interests, and resolve to get together soon. Then work and life get in the way, you never meet up, and that promising new friendship never gets...