Social Media Cheatsheet for Law Firms

Nearly half of the dozens of attorneys I have interviewed on my GrowWithKara show are obtaining many of their new clients from social media.  

Several are spending little to nothing to obtain those clients.  Outlined below is the approach they are using, complete with links to their video explanations.  

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Kara Prior, Founder

James Amplifier

11 steps to more clients

Step 1: Set up social pages.  If you don’t already have them, establish Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok profiles using a memorable brand name.  Ali Awad recording at 15:25, Robert Simon recording at 15:00 and 29:10, Miriah Soliz recording at 16:30, Marc Wasserman recording at 26:30.

Step 2: Ask friends and family members to follow you.  Your posts will regularly remind them of the type of law you practice.  Nima Etemadian recording at 18:50, Miriah Soliz recording at 28:15.

Step 3: Retain a video editor.  Every attorney I’ve interviewed outsources their editing.  Fiverr and Upwork list qualified freelance editors.  Or you can use Canva to do it yourself.   Kyle Newman recording at 30:20, Robert Simon recording at 22:50, Miriah Soliz recording at 8:30.

Step 4: Schedule a weekly video shoot. Because you need to post daily or close to it, you must commit to a regular shooting schedule.  Plan on 2-3 hours initially, but you will get faster with practice.  You don’t need to be a comedian to obtain large numbers of views.  Kyle Newman recording at 12:20, Narimon Pishnamaz recording at 15:40.

Step 5: Outline multiple topics weekly.  You should always be looking for topics.  Following other attorney-marketers can provide inspiration.  Answering common client questions is a good way to begin. Narimon Pishnamaz recording at 6:00,

Miriah Soliz recording at 3:20 and 14:55.

Step 6: Shoot multiple videos weekly.  Using your phone, begin shooting at your scheduled time slot.  Try to knock out 5-7 videos at each shoot, remembering that is okay to leave some bloopers in.  Narimon Pishnamaz recording at 6:00, Miriah Soliz recording at 20:45.

Step 7: Shoot testimonial videos with happy clients.  Ideally some will include a photo of you two holding a large check.  

Ali Awad recording at 17:00, Tina Odjaghian recording at 14:50.

Step 8: Post one video every day.  The more frequently you post, the better your results.  You can use the same videos on multiple platforms.  If you start with just one platform, make it Instagram.  Ali Awad recording at 14:10, Narimon Pishnamaz recording at 10:45, Tina Odjaghian recording at 18:50, Miriah Soliz recording at 7:55.

Step 9: Boost the popular videos.  Select your audience and target your location.  “For $100 you can probably get 1,000 views.”  Ali Awad recording at 26:05, 27:30, and 28:10, Miriah Soliz recording at 4:15, 5:25, 6:35, and 23:55.

Step 10: Stick with it for at least 6 months.  Some of my interviewees received leads immediately, but others required several months.  All eventually succeeded.  Kyle Newman recording at 14:15, Narimon Pishnamaz recording at 23:00, Miriah Soliz recording at 15:35.

Step 11: Track your response and let your winners run.  The strength of the social media marketing channel is that your inexpensively-boosted videos can keep pulling in followers and clients for years.  Ali Awad recording at 52:00, Miriah Soliz recording at 7:00.


Grow WIth Kara

Every week, president of James Publishing & Amplifier, Kara Prior, interviews successful attorney-marketers to uncover what’s working, what’s not, and how you can get on a similar path to growth.

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