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No-Cost Social Media Marketing for Lawyers
Clay Payne on 11/16/22 (23:53 long).  Speaking directly and concisely on everyday law topics, Clay has accumulated over 181,000 Instagram and 158,000 TikTok followers.  No comedy or costumes.  Amazingly, he posted his first Instagram video only 6 months prior to this interview – in April 2022.  Having been licensed only four years ago, he didn’t want to spend a lot on getting clients, so turned to affordable social media.








Sharpening the Focus of Your Law Firm’s Social Marketing
Miriah Soliz on 9/28/22 (32:05 long).  In only 2 years Miriah has grown her Houston injury firm to a team of 8 handling 100 open case files.  She obtains all her cases directly – no attorney referrals – with 99% of her cases coming from Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook.

Getting Out of the Way of Your Law Firm’s Growth
Mike Morse on 6/22/22 (26:55 long).  After losing a referral source providing 60% of his cases, Mike Morse figured out how to replace those cases and in 5 short years grew his firm from 30 employees to 130.  His team now numbers 170, is growing 20% annually, and does $150 million annually in settlements.  

How This Attorney Built a $100M Law Firm – with Zero Digital Marketing
Bob Simon on 4/6/22 (33:55 long).  With his social posts Robert targets referring lawyers rather than consumers.  He has been hugely successful with his approach, building his firm in 12 years to 75 people and $100 million in revenues.  He is an impressively-creative entrepreneur who also founded a rapidly-expanding co-working space and membership program for plaintiff attorneys.


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Generating Clients from TikTok
Andrea Sager on 1/11/23 (39:40 long).  Andrea connects attorneys to small business clients through The Legalpreneur.  She first began landing clients for her small-business oriented practice through Facebook Groups, and then Instagram.  Her current marketing focus is using TikTok to find and educate new prospects, where she currently has 67,000 followers.

Growing with Social Media & Professional Referrals
Jessica Ornsby on 1/4/23 (25:35 long).  Jessica left BigLaw in 2017 to start her own solo family practice, and then merged practices with a colleague serving Maryland and DC.  After redirecting her personal Instagram to professional topics and acquiring 11,000+ followers, social media has become a substantial lead source for her.  That and professional referrals are growing her practice 30%/year.

Expanding Your Attorney Referral Network with Social Media
Shaheen Wallace on 12/21/22 (28:50 long).  Shaheen launched his firm immediately after graduation, and serves GA, NY, and PA.  He focuses on trying cases, keeping his open cases below 100.  His primary source of clients is attorney referrals.  He is expanding his referral network through (1) connecting on social media and (2) attending and speaking at in-person conferences.

Attracting High-Value Cases
Joe Wilson on 12/14/22 (27:57 long).  Joe founded his Atlanta injury firm 5 years ago, and recently partnered with Nick Rowley’s Trial Lawyers for Justice.  Joe focuses on higher-value cases, referring out the smaller ones.  He and his local team of 5 maintain 40-50 open files, allowing him to devote more time to each case.  He also works with Nick on cases around the country.

Building a Law Firm & Brand Using Social Media
Neama Rahmani on 12/7/22 (33:25 long).  Neama and his partners have in 8 years built a large and fast-growing firm of 25 attorneys and 100 support staff.  Social media, paid ads, TV appearances, and a podcast are driving the growth.  The firm has 3 in-house marketing teams – social, paid, and organic – and 3 public spokespeople, including Neama.  

Growing Your Law Firm with Low-Cost Marketing
Chris Earley on 11/9/22 (32:10 long).  With a couple months to go in the year, Chris has already doubled his 11-person Boston injury firm’s revenue.  He attributes that success to focusing on customer service, list-building, and referrals.  Referrals from attorneys and clients now comprise more than half of his firm’s caseload of 300-350 open case files.

Increasing the Leads Generated by Your Firm’s Website
Matt Dolman on 11/2/22 (42:29 long).  Matt’s firm, which employs a team of 40+, has collected more than $500 million on behalf of its injury clients.  Its growth has been generated primarily using SEO, with its site receiving over 160,000 visitors/month. Matt is highly focused on content creation – both written and video – and uses an agency to generate backlinks.

Triple-Threat Legal Marketer Details What Works Best
Seth Price on 10/26/22 (35:47 long).  Over the last decade Seth and his partner scaled their multi-specialty East Coast law firm from a couple attorneys to more than 40.  And his legal marketing agency, BluShark, handles digital marketing for 250 law firms.  He has broad and deep knowledge of how to effectively market a variety of legal specialties.

Growing 20-25% Annually on a 10% Legal Marketing Budget
Reza Torkzadeh on 10/19/22 (41:23 long).  In 10 years Reza has built a 62-person injury firm in the competitive SoCal market.  The firm has consistently grown 20-25% annually, and is on track for 30% this year.  That growth has been driven by a heavy focus on customer service and a broad-based marketing effort.  However, the firm is spending only 10% or so of its revenue on marketing, unlike many injury firms this size.

Streaking to Greater Law Firm Heights
John Fisher on 10/12/22 (41:27 long).  John’s 12-year old upstate New York firm handles catastrophic medmal and injury cases, typically having only 30 open files at a time.  It is referral based, with over 500 referring attorney-partners.  John provides some great lessons for increasing the high-quality cases that come from attorney referrals.

Generating Consistent Law Firm Growth
Jennifer Gore-Cuthbert on 10/5/22 (39:23 long).  Jennifer’s Atlanta personal injury firm, launched in 2013 immediately upon obtaining her license, has collected over $100 million in settlements for over 5,000 clients.  Her firm’s revenue has doubled most years, now employs 30, and is on the Inc 5000 list of fast-growing businesses.

Blending Catastrophic & Volume Injury Case Models
Darl Champion on 9/21/22 (47:21 long).  In 8 years Darl has grown his Atlanta-area injury firm to 13 people handling about 200 open files.  Initially he pursued attorney referrals, but has now broadened his marketing channels to include SEO, PPC, social media, and client referrals.  His highest-value cases are coming from attorney referrals.

How I Keep My Firm Healthy and Growing
Bert Parnall on 9/14/22 (37:12 long).  Bert’s New Mexico firm has represented over 5,000 clients and collected over $100 million in settlements and verdicts.  Since launching in 2009, his firm has grown to 12 attorneys and 69 people.  Half of the firm’s cases come from client and professional referrals, with the other half coming from “a symphony of media” as detailed below.

The Marketing Tech & Techniques Working for Me
Mitch Jackson on 8/31/22 (56:29 long).  Mitch has for decades been a technology pioneer, first with websites, then social media, and now the metaverse and Web3.  He hosts weekly meetups for digital entrepreneurs in his virtual penthouse, and publishes a LinkedIn newsletter called Metaverse, Web 3, Law and Tech.  Mitch’s SoCal firm focuses on injury and business litigation.

The Marketing I Use at My 30-Person Firm
Mauro Fiore on 8/17/22 (48:25 long).  Mauro has personally tried over 50 cases before a jury, and his firm has recovered over $250 million for its clients.  Referrals from personal connections are a major source of business for Mauro’s 5-lawyer, 30-person firm.  He also joint ventures with a major local advertiser, and successfully uses non-branded advertising. 

Rapid Growth, Low Spend, High Conversions
Alex Northover on 8/10/22 (35:12 long).  Alex started his firm only 18 months ago, in January 2021, but already has 400 open case files.  Part of that rapid growth has come from accepting … and generating solid settlements … from cases that other firms turned down.  A second source of growth is social media, which Alex has targeted at referral sources. 

How to Build a Network of Referral Partners Online
Joe Volta on 8/3/22 (26:27 long).  Joe is a young lawyer successfully growing his book of injury business.  Amazingly, he is spending zero dollars while doing so.  He reaches out to national marketers online, offering to handle their cases in the Carolinas and then focusing on making the referring attorneys look good.  Recently Joe has started attending select conferences to meet his current and prospective referral partners in person.

Breaking Marketing Rules & Getting Clients
Marc Wasserman on 7/20/22 (45:23 long).  Marc and his brother have built a huge brand in their firm Pot Brothers at Law and its trademark saying, ‘Shut the Fuck Up.’  Their startup story is an interesting one, and driven entirely by free networking and organic social media.

Free & Paid Marketing That Works
Matt Dubin on 7/6/22 (45:18 long).  Matt started the Dubin Law Group, a greater Seattle injury firm, after being told by his financially-strapped employer to polish his resume.  Lunches with referral sources and writing for SEO were his early marketing go-to’s.  Now growing rapidly with 4 offices, 10 attorneys, and 50 people total,  Matt uses a full marketing mix that includes Google Ads, digital display ads, community events, TV, radio, and busboards.

Low-Cost, Niche Marketing
Tina Odjaghian on 6/15/22 (30:34 long).  10 years ago Tina started her own firm, which specializes in traumatic brain injuries and other catastrophic cases, and now numbers 15 people.  Social media is a key contributor, with Tina’s fashion, family, and law-focused personal Instagram page having 558k followers.  Nurturing referral relationships is Tina’s other marketing focus.

‘Owning the Phone’ Marketing
Justin Lovely on 6/8/22 (35:55 long).  In 2009 Justin founded The Lovely Law Firm, a personal injury and criminal defense firm headquartered in Myrtle Beach, SC, when he couldn’t land a job as real estate lawyer.  Together with his wife Amy, Justin has grown the firm to 5 attorneys and 15 staff using a variety of marketing channels and an approachable, community-focused style.

Low-Cost, Rapid-Start Marketing
Nima Etemadian on 6/1/22 (32:35 long).  Nima and his partner have built an exceptionally fast-growing young personal injury firm based in highly competitive Southern California.  Networking, attorney referrals, and social media provided the initial rocket fuel, and the growth of client referrals have the firm tripling its revenue last year and this year.  Good mentorship early on provided the guidance.

Focusing on Strengths & Marketing Them Effectively
Brett Sachs on 5/11/22 (41:47 long).  He and wife Chelsee handle injury cases in California and Texas under the name MVP Accident Attorneys.  In 4-½ years they have grown their firm from launch to a team of 50 using a multi-channel marketing approach – SEO, PPC, radio, and social media.

Getting the Most Out of the Best Legal Marketing Channels
Jason Melton on 5/4/22 (44:25 long).  He launched his multi-specialty practice in an under-served part of Florida, promoting with organic SEO.  Now he promotes his practice with outdoor events, PPC, and Instagram.  In less than one year Jason has acquired more than 14,000 Instagram followers.  

How ‘The Hammer’ Spends a $12M Marketing Budget
Darryl Isaacs on 4/27/22 (27:57 long).  Darryl is a recent entrant to the social media arena, but has been a heavy TV advertiser since 1996.  He also has a huge billboard presence in his market.  A creative thinker and contributor to the profession, Darryl manages several marketing mastermind groups in addition to his $40 million firm.

How This Attorney Became a Social Media Success
Narimon Pishnamaz on 4/13/22 (23:12 long).  In less than a year Narimon has acquired 137,000 TikTok followers, 37,000 Instagram followers, and more recently, 650 YouTube subscribers.  Unlike many social promoters, Narimon takes a mostly-serious, informational approach rather than trying to be entertaining.

Transforming His Instagram Into a Lead-Gen Machine
Kyle Newman on 3/30/22 (35:32 long).  Kyle has only been on social media since 2019.  Even though he works in a long-established firm receiving a steady flow of referrals, 25% of the firm’s new clients now come from Kyle’s social presence.  More importantly, some of the firm’s largest settlements and verdicts have come from socially-originated cases.

How This Attorney Built a $12M Family Law Group
David Crum on 3/10/22 (29:58 long).  David founded both a law firm and a legal marketing agency, so has especially detailed knowledge about what works in attorney marketing.  Below he provides specific information and numbers on what propelled his multi-location family law firm to prominence and financial success.